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What is FOXO4-DRI?

The peptide FOXO4-DRI is a synthetic, slightly modified version of the standard FOXO4 protein. Its modification allows the removal of senescent cells, improved organ function, and younger tissue to form.

FOXO4-DRI impacts insulin signaling, cell cycle regulation, and oxidative stress signaling pathways.

It is a cell-penetrating peptide shown to selectively induce apoptosis of senescent cells, therefore reversing the effects of aging in animal studies.

How Does FOXO4-DRI Work?

The FOXO4 gene also helps with tumor suppressant activity and reverses aging symptoms. It may encourage longevity in older people and even decrease dementia. DHT is the primary cause of hair loss. This molecule created dihydrotestosterone and is produced as a male hormone.

DHT travels down the hair follicle shaft in the scalp and attaches itself to a dikaryon-homologous protein. This protein breaks off into two strands, forming what we know as the hair follicle’s DHT-inhibiting enzyme. DHT functions to slow down hair growth at a hair follicle’s surface.

The DHT becomes a problem in the scalp because it hits a minor protein named FHRP. In turn, it attaches itself to the core of hair follicles, the roots. Basically, it then causes hair loss. When DHT attaches itself to FHRP, it stops hair from growing and starts hair thinning.

FOXO4-DRI Experience

Research with FOXO4-DRI shows an increase in the blood supply to the scalp. The hair follicles benefit from a boost in nutrients and growth hormones, making them thrive. As a result, the proteins cause the follicles to enlarge, and the DHT-blocking enzyme reduces hair loss. Ultimately, they prevent hair thinning and hair loss. Unlike some other molecules with protective activity against DHT, such as melanocortin receptors.

FOXO4-DRI is designed to stop DHT. Many studies show that this peptide is beneficial for treating hair loss. In studies, it shows promising results to help with hair loss treatment.

In trials, FOX04-DRI reduces testicular microenvironment and age-related testosterone on naturally aged mice.

From these results, men with late-onset hypogonadism may benefit therapeutically from FOXO4-DRI.