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MedLab Gear — Medical Supplies for Healthcare Professionals

Medlab Gear High Medlab Quality Medical Supplies.The Medlab Gear website site is dedicated to the online sale of quality medical equipment, from MedlabSupply sterile vials for research to furniture, and accessories. Their stock is wide-ranged, complete, and diversified, allowing healthcare professionals such as managers of hospitals, medical offices, or clinics to find the products they need.

Selection of the Best Brands in Medical Equipment

One of the principles dear to Medlab Gear is the desire to choose only the best products in each category. It starts with a rigorous selection of the biggest brands from renowned suppliers.

Benefit from the best services for your purchases at Medlab Gear

As a customer, you take full advantage of the privileges to which you are entitled. Thus, the site is designed so that you have access to all the services, and so that you can order with confidence. So, from the beginning to the end of your purchase, they support you at all stages. To do this, the MedLabGear site has a dedicated customer area, you just need to create your account to access it. Note that it is possible to follow the progress of your Medlab supply after submitting your completed order form from your account. Customer service is always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your purchases or services, whether by telephone or email. You will be informed within 24 hours. MedLabGear has also fully secure transactions.

The Advantages of Choosing MedLabGear

Medlab Gear has above all a wide range of stock made up of some 3000 items in all categories. Whether you are looking for an auscultation chair or specialized furniture such as a pediatric examination couch, know that the choice available is varied.

  • Direct access to products by criteria or personalized search
  • Meets standards

General-purpose furniture

MedLab has one of the widest ranges in medical furniture. This category of equipment finds its use in all aspects of medical care, from patient reception to consultation. For the comfort of the individual as for the ease of the doctor in the practice of his work, MedLab offers you the appropriate furniture. Discover a variety of medical furniture, transfer stretcher or examination couches.

Furniture for different medical specialties

You will find at MedLab Gear a wide choice of specific furniture with the corresponding accessories. They are intended for specialized medical offices, in order to allow practitioners and care staff to do their work properly. The ENT chair, radiology couch, ambulatory surgery chair, or even cardiology chair, the choice is vast.

Accessories and other medical furniture

Discover also various models of seats and stools, pedestal tables and treatment carts, with their specific accessories in the dedicated section. You will also find other types of furniture such as medicine cabinets, running boards, and infirmary beds, as well as lighting: lamps negatoscopes.

All the specialized medical equipment you need

MedLab Gear is also the benchmark in specialized medical equipment. From capnography to portable ultrasound machines, including electrostimulation devices, or oximeters, choose from the best articles on their website.

Emergency Equipment, Resuscitation, Consumables, Cleaning, and Disinfection

Other sections are dedicated respectively to emergency and resuscitation equipment, supplies and consumables, as well as disinfection and cleaning products. MedLabGear offers various models of defibrillators, laryngoscopes or multiparametric monitors, to which are added all the consumables necessary for your equipment. Whatever your needs, be privileged customers by purchasing your medical equipment, furniture, and accessories on

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