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AICAR or Aminoimidazole Carboxamide Ribonucleotide acts as an agonist on AMP-activated protein kinase. AMP-activated protein kinase is also known as AMPK. This is an enzyme that plays an important role in regulating the body’s metabolic rate. AMPK works by a variety of means to ultimately stimulate liver fat oxidation ketogenesis, beta-cell modulation of insulin secretion and other body functions. AICAR has been found to stimulate glucose intake and apoptosis by reducing reactive oxygen compounds within the cells. Nowadays, companies stock AICAR for sale listed in the category known as research peptides.


You will find AICAR for sale online as a peptide that activates the adenosine monophosphate-initiated protein kinase (a catalyst that is associated with vitality in the body). This ensures the intake of glucose in skeletal muscle tissue. In view of this, GW1516 is a similar product and demonstrates the ability to restore the metabolic problem in obese men with prediabetic disorder, by the onset of unsaturated fat oxidation. This too was originally discovered to treat weight gain, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, and cardiovascular disease. GW1516 along with AICAR has shown excellent results in improving these effects. Plus, it has been identified from studies as reducing muscle fatigue and damage.

Research Peptides

AICAR is an intermediate chemical in the generations of inosine monophosphate. The research of this product often focuses on protecting the heart tissue of an animal from damage after myocardial infarction. This chemical is often used together with GW1516 in animal studies. AICAR may enhance the effect of this chemical during the experiments. GW1516 acts as a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta that is restricted to a research environment because of its potential links to cancer. Research shows that this peptide could have an impact on improving the treatment of cardiovascular disease, especially if it is associated with diabetes, obesity or dyslipidemia.

Why use AICAR for Horses?

Interestingly AICAR is one of the leading protein supplements for horses to improve performance and strength for horses. AICAR gives stability to the horse because it will boost blood flow and oxygen to the heart. The research for this product often focuses on protecting the heart tissue of an animal from damage after myocardial infarction.

A Guide on AICAR for Muscle Building

The peptide AICAR is an intermediate of inosine monophosphonic synthesis that acts as an agonist for AMP-activated protein kinase. AICA ribonucleotides increase the mitogen-activated protein kinase activity of p38 in skeletal muscle, stimulating glucose intake. It also suppresses apoptosis by reducing the intracellular production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). In experimental studies, the administration of AICAR significantly improved endurance athletic performance by transforming fast-twitch muscle fibers into slow-twitch, energy-efficient, and fat-burning muscle fibers. In addition, the AICAR benefits were observed in laboratory animals without training. AICAR studies have reported an increased fat loss and prolonged endurance in volunteers. For more information read this link:


AICAR is today one of the most feared products by the anti-diopage authorities. This molecule, which reduces fat without melting muscle mass, is undoubtedly a miracle product. In addition, its popularity has risen over the past few years because of its price fall. The sale of AICAR capsules and liquids on the Internet has multiplied under the drive of the Chinese and Indian laboratories.

Due to its benefits, it is an attractive chemical to use for people within the sporting world.  However, please note AICAR is on the list of banned products of the World Anti-Doping Agency. So, it is not allowed in any sporting competition!

Where to Buy AICA R?

This brings us to the importance of sourcing reputable research peptides companies before you buy AICAR. As you have read so far these new chemicals are important in today’s society. Simply because they may lead to cures for many health issues. If you are studying and keen to do more research make certain you buy pure and tested chemicals. There is an abundance of companies promoting AICAR for sale online. Check that they supply high quality and tested research chemicals. You will find plenty of information on the internet that gives advice on the best places to buy peptides. Make sure you read them before you place an order.






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