DSIP – Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide


DSIP is a peptide that promotes the slow sleep wave that performs various protective and regenerative processes in the body. It was first discovered in 1974 by the Swiss group Schoenenberger-Monnier. This is classed as a research chemical and is not for human consumption.


Best Peptide for Sleep

DSIP – Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide or Delta Sleep Induced Peptide is a neuropeptide. When exposed to the brain, it can cause a deep sleep hence the phase (Delta Sleep Phase). This also inhibits motor activity. Nearly 40 years have passed since the discovery of the DSIP peptide. During this time, scientists have continued to discover new beneficial properties of this peptide. Thus, the following properties and functions have recently been found in physiological processes:

Action in endocrine regulation:

  • Reduces basal corticotropin level and blocks its release
  • Stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone (LH)
  • Stimulates the release of somatoliberin and somatotropin secretion and inhibits somatostatin secretion.

Action in physiological processes:

  • Acts as a stress limiting factor
  • It has a direct or indirect effect on body temperature and alleviation of hypothermia.
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Antioxidant effect

What is DSIP?

Research so far shows DSIP plays a vital role in the body’s protection against stress. At its core, it is a natural adaptogen and allows the central nervous system to quickly overcome stressful situations that affect many mechanisms in the body. The etymology of most pathological conditions and diseases in the body is known to stem from psychosomatic disorders. Stress is often a major pathogen for the body, due to its stress – its protective and adaptive functions.  DSIP allows the body to fully recover and cope with many psychosomatic diseases. It also helps to prevent us from occurring.

DSIP affects many defense mechanisms against stress, including preventing cardiovascular and autonomic disorders. It normalizes the work of the important neurotransmitter – serotonin, regulates NMDA receptors, transports Calcium ions to the plasma, in cases of hypoxic stress – normalizes blood sugar, as well as many other modular processes. For further information read this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delta_sleep-inducing_peptide

DSIP Benefits: Anti-cancer properties

The delta sleeping peptide has anti-cancer properties. One study conducted in mice was done by injecting DSIP throughout the life of mice. The test found it reduced the number of common spontaneous tumors by 2.6-fold. Several studies have also shown to slow tumor growth and suppress metastases

DSIP experiences include: Helps slow down the aging process

In mammalian studies, DSIP life expectancy increased by 24.1% compared to non-DSIP users. It also exhibits strong antioxidant properties.

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment

The peptide DSIP has antagonistic activity on opioid receptors. This significantly suppresses the development of opioid and alcohol dependence. DSIP studies have been conducted as a therapeutic drug for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms. One such study found that 97% of heroin users and 87% of patients with alcohol dependence felt that their withdrawal symptoms were completely or partially suppressed as a result of DSIP injection.

Studies on the possible side effects of prolonged use of DSIP supplements have not identified any undesirable or side effects of the peptide on the body.

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