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Epithalon Tetra Peptide is a man-made version of the natural chemical that is produced within the pineal gland of the brain. Epithalon is also called epitalon and epitalone. It is classed as a research chemical and is still in the early stages of clinical testing. Results found so far have discovered some major advantages. These include prolonging human life and delaying the onset of serious diseases occurring such as cancer, dementia and heart problems. Epitalon has also proved to help increase energy levels, treat and repair muscle cells, delay signs of aging and encourage better sleep.


How does Epitalon tetra peptide work?

Epithalon tetra peptide is a protein peptide that can stimulate the body’s own natural production of telomerase in its cells. Telomerase extends the length of DNA in humans so as to keep cells young and possibly encourage longevity. This product could be key to making the population live longer.

According to scientific research based on animal tests, Epithalon has been shown to function with telomeres. There is a DNA sequence that repeats the function to prevent gene degrading near the end of a chromosome. Over time, telomeres become too small and weak to contain a sequence due to cell division, and DNA becomes disrupted, signaling the start of the aging process. Epithalon works to make up for an enzyme that allows telomeres to remain more stable and better equipped to hold DNA in place.

Epitalon dosing protocol

The way scientists work with research chemicals experiments begins with raw chemicals. Tests are usually the most effective using Epithalon transdermal Injection into the skin once a day. The duration is typically done during a period of 10 – 20 days. Professionals start with low dosages first but they can vary from 5-10mg. Test subjects in experimental trials are monitored and are given a break before repeating the course. During the treatment, the events are logged by experts and recorded.

Top 10 Effects of the Epitalon Experience

  1. Activation of telomerase
  2. It regulates the neuroendocrine system
  3. Increases hypothalamic sensitivity to endogenous hormonal effects
  4. Reduction or suppression of proliferative changes in the vaginal epithelium and endometrium in the anovulatory phase
  5. Normalization of gonadotropic hormone levels (FSG, LG, prolactin)
  6. Positive effect on peripheral hemodynamics: improvement of blood flow, reduction of intravascular thrombogenesis
  7. Regulation of the level of reactants in the acute phase of inflammation (c3-component of complement, pre-albumin, C-reactive protein, alpha-orosomcoid
  8. Standardize of T-cell immunity
  9. Normalization of aqua-electrolyte equilibrium index
  10. Normality in uric acid levels
  11. Cholesterol Regularized
  12. Rejuvenation and strengthening of the immune system
  13. Inhibition of spontaneous and induced carcinogenesis (tumor prevention)

Epitalon Fountain of Youth

Epithalon tetra-peptide is possibly a glance into the future with how it can slow down the aging process. It is highly effective at lowering age-related problems and even illnesses. Studies with epitalon as we have seen could make a person live longer. For more information about this peptide read this link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14501183

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