Follistatin 344 1 MG


The peptide Follistatin 344 radically increases muscle growth and strength by blocking Myostatin. Myostatin is also referred to as GDF-8 and is a protein that slows down the growth of muscle mass. From experiments on athletes and bodybuilders so far Follistatin 344 can actually still result in bigger muscles but without the exercise.


Bio Peptide Follistatin 344

The peptide Follistatin was founded by Bio-Peptide a healthcare company. Initially, the substance was discovered from an investigation on the follicular fluid within the ovaries. In fact, Follistatin occurs naturally within the skeletal muscle. In comparison to other proteins, Follistain also has the benefit of carbohydrate connected to it.

Many studies have been done but few on humans as it is still a new and classed as a research chemical. This means it isn’t fit for human consumption. However, clinical trials within animal research as discovered it can build muscle and strength, whilst making them lose fat. This is even if the diet is high in rich foods. For in-depth information read here:

Explained Follistatin Cycle

As you as discovered this peptide increases muscle considerably. But, experiments have found it also has anabolic effects. This means it can encourage the growth of new muscle fibers, and also promote the number of existing fibers. Essentially it is also a great fat burner and will improve general well being. Scientists have also established added bonuses with follistatin reducing wrinkles and promoting smoother skin. It generally can rejuvenate the body in a positive way.

The Effects of Follistatin 344

The research peptide Follistatin 344 has been studied in its role as a regulator of muscle growth. Here are the pros and cons to date:

Benefits of Follistatin 344

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Enhanced strength and endurance
  • Bigger muscles
  • Increased muscle infiltration
  • Improves sleep
  • It strengthens the tendons, connective tissue, and body mass

Follistatin 344 Side Effects

  • Fatigue on first use
  • Increased appetite
  • Look out for cellular regeneration and tendons

Best Place with Follistatin for sale

The peptide Follistatin powder and liquids are widely available via the internet. It is for research purposes only. Make sure you buy from a trusted source, who promotes thorough testing. You can usually find this when you browse a site. All good companies state their testing procedures to give you full confidence in the products you are purchasing.


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