Fragment 176-191 5mg


Fragment 176-191 5mg is a fragment of HGH peptide and is capable of burning fat and increases lipolytic action. The human growth hormone fragment 176-191 has shown to be much stronger in reducing fat than standard HGH. It also has the ability to boost IGF-1 levels which means it can provide anti-aging results.


The HGH (human growth hormone) fragment was modified at the C-terminal part of the human growth hormone or HGH in the form of amino acids. HGH Fragment 176-191 studies have shown that it can help maintain weight by regulating fat metabolism like natural HGH in the human body. Therefore, it has been an experiential product in high demand among athletes and bodybuilders globally. But, we would like to stress that fragment 176-191 5mg is a research peptide and not for human consumption.  But here we take a look at what research has found so far…

Ten benefits of HGH Fragment 176 191 Dosage


  1. HGH fragment 176-191 weight loss results are immense. This peptide has the ability to regulate fat metabolism. It can aid substantial weight loss in a short time. It has no side effects on insulin sensitivity. Therefore, the product could be used without the risk of adverse effects on insulin.
  2. It has been shown to be useful in stimulating lipolysis. Lipolysis can activate the increase of adipose tissue. Therefore, it enhances the destruction of lipolysis, which can be effective to reduce body weight and increase lean body mass.
  3. The existence of HGH can help with the withdrawal of the formation of fatty acids and lipids. It is well known that lipid and fatty acids are responsible for increasing body weight gain. It helps to burn lipids and fat, which is effective in weight loss quickly.
  4. Fragment 176-191 allows more energy so training can go on for a long time. So there is a huge change in body shape in a short time.
  5. This peptide has the ability to suppress a person’s hunger. If you take it before exercise, you will not feel hungry for a long time. Therefore it can help keep your body structure and body mass as well.
  6. Promote effective protein synthesis that can give the body more energy, better performance and commit to intense and heavy training.
  7. Improves your bone mineral density, which can make your bones stronger. Strong bones are important or it leads to breakages.
  8. Increases muscle mass and strength, and can help lessen damage to tissues. Therefore, it is a possible treatment for muscle wastage diseases.
  9. It is also proven effective to improve the functions of your vital organs that can help you become healthier.
  10. Treatment for high blood pressure, diabetes and more.

Side Effects of Fragment 176-191 5mg

With all-new chemicals, they have pros and cons. Here we look at what problems have been discovered from studies to date.

  1. If you overdose it can result in liver abnormalities and can damage your health and affect performance.
  2. It may lead to the enlargement of the prostate.
  3. Muscle or joint pain can occur while taking this product. It can raise the weight and cause problems with training for athletes.
  4. Large dosages can increase fluid retention in the body and cause swelling in the hand or legs.
  5. Increased cholesterol, which can lead to serious heart disease.
  6. Many users have experienced numb and tingling of the skin due to frequent use of HGH fragment.
  7. The increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  8. You can face sudden enlargement of hands, feet or facial features.
  9. It can cause low blood sugar, fatigue and liver damage as well.
  10. Allergic reaction, low blood pressure, and vomiting are just some other problems found with HGH fragment 176-191 5mg

There are countless peptide suppliers online with HGH fragment 176-191 for sale USA. If you are interested in buying this or a similar fat burning peptide, make sure you do your homework on a company. Ensure you check they have all the credentials including selling pure and tested chemicals. HGH fragment 176-191 5mg price is competitive and available from reputable peptide suppliers.



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