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Companies have Cardarine or GW501516 for sale as a dietary supplement that increases fat burning and boosts energy. Original research done in the early 2000s found that Cardarine GW 501516 was able to stop metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes through specific gene primes. With the advancement of science and research on Cardarin, bodybuilders are begun to use GW 501516, to increase endurance and help burn fat.


Suppliers market Cardarine or GW 501516 for sale to burn fat, improve recovery and dramatically increase endurance. This makes the product essential in the preparation of any athlete. In Cardarine research, few side effects have been found in the last 20 years, which is why GW 501516 has become a star in the sports and athletics world. However, it is not permitted for use in any sporting competition around the world.

A Brief Guide to GW 501516

GW501516 or SARMs Cardarine by HM Labs is not actually a SARM, but a so-called PPARβ modulator. It activates the AMP-activated protein kinase and stimulates the intake of glucose (carbohydrates) in the muscle tissue and increases fat burning. GW-501516 is especially popular with endurance athletes. Tests prove that even taking low dosages can increase endurance by 50% in a very short time. When a higher dosage (about 20mg per day) GW501516 is taken it promotes an incredible fat burning result even without training!

GW 501516 stimulates glucose intake and skeletal muscle tissue. It burns fat by stimulating fatty acid oxidation. Originally it was discovered as a possible treatment for obesity because of its ability to quickly melt fat. In addition, Cardarine is able to reduce HDL by an average of 79% (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) in ongoing phase II studies.

Other Proven benefits of this supplement include:

  • Stimulates fat burning in the body considerably
  • Extremely increases the energy
  • Increases endurance
  • Fast action

Cardarine Cycle Benefits

Cardarine or GW 501516 is one of the strongest endurance boosters used by elite athletes and bodybuilders. It increases energy levels with which workouts can be extended. There is a fast recovery time – which means you can work out daily without feeling tired.

GW 501516 burns fat quickly but is not catabolic. This means that you will retain your muscles while the fat is burning. You will achieve immediate and noticeable results, literally after the first dose. It provides energy from the body’s’ fat stores. The effect lasts for up to 12 weeks after discontinuation. Cardarine can be combined with just about any other SARM. Many users have found it gives a general sense of good health and well-being. You will feel amazing as you use it. There are no effects such as liver toxicity. Cardarine is for sale for fat loss and will help you lose weight fast! For more information read this link:

Benefits to buy Cardarine or GW 501516 for Research Purposes

A recent study found that the dramatic increase in the PPAR gene in slow-contracted muscle fibers increased oxygen consumption, leading to increased endurance. Increased endurance was observed in laboratory studies of mice with normal oxygen delivery in the experiments. All of this proves that Cardarine GW501516 increases skeletal muscle endurance and recovery time.

Another study of PPAR5 agonist GW501516 demonstrates an improvement in movement endurance, where it was found that branched-chain BCAA amino acids were not included as a source of energy. This preserves muscle breakdown, which normally occurs in heavy physical activity. In a high-fat diet fed to mice, after taking Cardarin, it is found that they lost fat, suggesting that the drug can prevent obesity and help control weight regardless of eating habits.

Cardarine GW 501516 Dosage Example

The recommended daily dose is between 10-20 mg depending on the individual’s weight. It is good to begin with a low amount of 10 mg daily to benefit from receptor sensitivity. The 10 mg amount will improve endurance and fat loss. In laboratory studies, it has been shown that the daily dose of Cardarine should be taken between 45-60 minutes before training for maximum results.

Caradrine or GW501516 was tested and no reduction or stagnation in its effects was found over a 2-year study period. Most people take cycles of 12-14 weeks with 4-6 weeks of rest. The action of Cardarine is between 16-24 hours and should be taken 10 mg once a day or 10 mg once every 10-12 hours if taken at a higher dose. It is recommended to use it with a ketogenic diet. It can be used in conjunction with anabolic steroids and stimulants of any kind without side effects.

Side Effects of GW 501516

Cardarine or GW501516 has been tested not only on healthy individuals but also in those with bad habits (such as drinking alcohol, drug use, and tobacco). There is no evidence of harm to its use on people with unhealthy lifestyles. With these positive qualities, Cardarine is gaining in popularity for long periods of time. Some studies even show signs of diabetes mellitus, obesity, and many other ailments. Note that this study was performed on laboratory mice were given 400 mg daily. In a 2008 experiment on breast cancer and colon cancer, PPAR agonist Cardarine GW 501516 is safe to use and inhibit cancer cell growth. The US National Institutes of Health has confirmed without a doubt that GW 501516 stops the development of multiple cancers in human cells.

GW501516 For sale for Important Research

The current claim that Cardarine causes cancer is based on studies done in rats. The rats were pre-injected with genes that cause the development of cancer. After they were injected with about 100 times the dose of Cardarine than normal, a dose that would equate to about 5-10 grams of Cardarine a day in humans. In these studies, cancer patients already developed cancer faster than normal. From this case, Cardarine did not cause cancer because the rats were already suffering from cancer but had accelerated its development.

According to studies published by the American Cancer Research Association, Cardarine does not adversely affect the growth of cancer cells. More recent research has recently been done in this area. The latest tests performed on humans have found that Cardarine can actually prevent cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can women use Cardarine? Yes, without any problem!

How long is it good to use Cardarine?  8 weeks 2-3 capsules a day.

When is it best to take Cardarine? 2-3 capsules about 30 minutes to an hour before training.

Do I need to take Cardarine every day? Yes, it is necessary to take Cardarin daily for optimum results.

When will I feel the effect? In a few days, the durability will be noticeably better.

Where can you buy Cardarine? You can buy Cardarine liquid from Peptides USA. There are many reputable companies that sell pure and tested SARMs. Most offer a good service and discount on regular orders. Find the one that ranks the best place to buy Cardarine at affordable prices!





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