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Is BPC 157 Legal?

Is BPC 157 Legal?As with all peptides the big question always crops up is BPC 157 legal? The answer is yes it is legal but only for research purposes, and not for human consumption. This particular peptide BPC-157 is man-made but comes from a protein that is found in the stomach. At the moment in the news is this particular peptide isn’t on the list for banned substances by WADA.  This means it is probably still in use to aid injury or improve fitness. However, there still isn’t adequate evidence been done to state that it is safe for human use, so tests continue.

Is BPC 157 Safe?

As we mentioned earlier BPC 157 peptide hasn’t met all the necessary criteria yet to be marketed for human use. So, you have probably worked out; it is classed as a research chemical and still in its early clinical trials. This means they are widely available to buy for research but are not for human consumption. Colleges, schools, and clinics are just some of the main buyers studying the development of BPC 157 liquid and BPC 157 tablets.

This is still a controversial subject because peptides themselves show positive results in curing a number of ailments. Due to the fact that many of them are known to increase muscle and strength, and even help with fat loss, they do find their way into the sporting world. The main users who want additional help with regular training are athletes and bodybuilders.

The benefit of BPC 157 Bone Healing

In this day and age finding a cure to a disease that affects people on a day-to-day basis has to be good. But, we all know that drugs need to be tested strictly before being widely available. BPC-157 is a pentadecapeptide which is a complex of 15 amino acids that actually comes from human gastric juice.  It has shown excellent results in healing tendons and wounds in the body. However, it was first discovered as a treatment to cure ulcers and IBS or inflammatory bowel disease. Though to date, many researchers suggest that the healing potential of this peptide are unlimited!

A guide to BPC-157 in supplements

BPC-157 is not a new drug but has not been widely used in the past because of its synthetic properties. However, it is beginning to appear in the world of nutritional supplements. Although not independently used as a nutritional supplement, it is used as an ingredient in some joint support nutritional supplements. It is not only beneficial for the restoration of bones and muscles, but also for the prevention of various related diseases. Another important factor in BPC-157 is that it can relieve joint pain and can be used by older people who are more likely to experience body aches. It helps to control the pain caused by an aging body. For more details see this link:

BPC-157 Review

Dan Williams, New Jersey USA, “Originally, I have been prescribed BPC-157 tablets for my bile system and leaky gut but had other systemic effects. I only took it orally and sublingually and it helped me with my sleep, my perception, and my food intolerance. It was good as I only needed a few doses (50mcg). I have also noticed an increase in histamine in the gut which could be part of the repair process. Some people I know have taken it intranasal or corneal (as eye drops) and it worked. Others have reported that it has greatly helped their training, spinal injuries, anhedonia, depression, IBS, anxiety, and post-orgasmic syndrome (to name but a few). I hope to see it marketed soon as a good product for many ailments”

Research so far for BPC 157 dosage

There are two types of injection methods: intramuscular and subcutaneous. The intramuscular injection is performed near the muscle, which is painful. By injecting it deep into the muscle, BPC-157 will cure the body. The other method is the subcutaneous injection, which is applied under the skin. It can be taken orally, or simply sprayed into the mouth through a syringe. This method should be used with reasonable care to prevent mouth injuries.

 BPC 157 suppliers

This is valuable information resourced for those who are keen to study further. Still more clinical trials and evidence are needed before this peptide can be rolled out in the medical industry. But it has many advantages and is able to cure a number of health problems that affect people on a day-to-day basis. You can buy BPC-157 at various peptide suppliers on the internet. Just ensure you find a reliable source with BPC 157 for sale!

Is BPC 157 legal, the answer is it is and for only those who want to analyze the product and use it for research?