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GW501516 Dosage Explained

In this blog, we explore the research chemical known as a SARM and how a GW501516 Dosage works, and why. GW-501516 is a prohormone and does not belong to the SARM family, but to the PPAR (Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor) category.

The product GW501516 is also known as GW1516, Cardarine, and Endurobol. These types of chemicals are popular because they are able to use significantly more glucose for the muscle, which benefits both endurance and muscle building. In addition, it is used due to its strong fat-burning properties, while at the same time having an anti-catabolic effect. Are you intrigued by this? Then everything you need to know about this product can be found here:

GW501516 Reviews

PPAR modulators, such as GW-501516, allow the body to provide more glucose for the muscle and build additional muscle tissue. It can help to reduce or even completely stop fatigue problems, obesity, and even diabetes pre-stages that have a negative effect on fat metabolism. It is used in medicine in the United States to effectively combat obesity and to cure obesity-related problems.

How GW-501516 (Cardarine) works

GW-501516 is a selective agonist with strong potency. It is able to optimize the regulation of proteins that are responsible for the energy supply in the body. This then drastically accelerates the entire metabolism, i.e. the fat metabolism. Due to its results, GW-501516 is used by bodybuilders and athletes to increase their endurance levels. Professional athletes are actually prohibited from using it because GW-501516 is on the doping list. The use of GW-501516 to reduce body fat is also very common and effective. Fat loss from this prohormone is definitely not linked to loss of muscle mass, as is the case with ephedrine, for example. On the contrary, GW-501516 is even expected to have anti-catabolic effects.

What is GW 50156?

SARM GW 50156 is a selective agonist of the so-called PPARδ receptors, which means that receptors of this type are increasingly activated. It is classed as a research chemical and not for human consumption. These receptors are responsible for the regulation of glucose and fat metabolism, which is, among other things, for the occurrence of fatigue during training sessions, which is often noticeable by muscle weakness. It doesn’t work on a hormonal basis. Therefore, it can be combined with other substances to optimize the effects of training more easily than most prohormones.

Cardarine before and after

Those who have taken this chemical have noted that a daily dose of 20 mg is sufficient. With this substance, the dosage for females and male users are the same. Since the substance is in liquid form and does not have to be injected, consumption is relatively easy. The desired dose is simply delivered to the mouth and from there it is fed into the stomach with a little water or juice.

  • Some athletes consume the entire 20 mg an hour before their workout.
  • Others split them up in the morning and evening to have more moderate effects throughout the day.
  • The recommended daily dose to increase endurance is 10 mg.
  • A dose of 20mg is recommended to increase fat burning.

A positive effect of this chemical is the reduction of diabetes pre-stages and the reduction in fat.

Example of GW-501516 dosage

We don’t promote the use of this or any other product similar to this for human consumption. This is for information purposes only.

  • To increase endurance – 10mg daily for the duration of the intake can be adjusted individually.
  • For effective fat reduction – 10-20mg a day for 8 weeks along with S4 and Ostarine will give maximum results.

What are the GW501516 side effects?

The side effects of GW501516 correspond to those of drugs, whereby the dosage and frequency of use should be considered. There has been more speculation about carcinogenic side effects. This remained speculation since none of the studies carried out to date have proven the accuracy of this argument. In 2008, all trials and research on Cardarine were discontinued after it was established that the drug developed tumors in all organs. This view seemed too one-sided to the supporters, who argued that the drug was administered in doses that were much too high.

Which side is actually right remains open or let’s say, and athletes like to ignore it! The developing company GlaxoSmithKline stopped the research because it classified the cancer risk as too high. Would they have done it if they found an ingredient that was actually revolutionary and that could have made a lot of money? Probably not, so you have to decide for yourself which side you believe.  Not much is known about other side effects of Cardarine in reality and hardly any user reports can be found.

Origin of GW 501516 Cardarine

Cardarine was first introduced in 2001. Up to 2009, the active ingredient had undergone numerous studies and research. Until it became known that Cardarine greatly increased the risk of cancer in animal experiments.

A look at the Cardarine Transformation

At the same time, however, it was found that the test animals had greatly increased endurance performance. But why do research at all? Actually, the active ingredient GW 501516 should be developed for the treatment of diabetes, fat metabolism disorders, and obesity. The professor responsible reported that in the mice that were taken as experimental animals, there was a strong regulation of the fat metabolism and that the mice could lose fat. However, this did not result in the usual catabolic effect. So no muscle-degrading effect was found. The mice showed that glucose was stored in the skeletal muscles and at the same time there was even an increase in muscle mass.

Effect of Cardarine GW 501516

The active ingredient has shown that the body uses fat instead of glucose (carbohydrates) to burn fat. At the same time, there is an increased uptake of glucose in the skeletal muscles. The effect is a low-fat, full appearance while increasing endurance and burning fat. What is interesting about Cardarine/ GW 501516 is that the active ingredient has a huge impact on fat burning without having to do any sporting activity.

Is it any wonder that the active ingredient GW 501516 is so popular with endurance athletes and bodybuilders?  In addition, fat loss should increase with the duration of ingestion. In the United States, the active ingredient is said to be quite popular among endurance athletes, and GW 501516 the ultimate supplement. And if you want to go one better, combine Cardarine with Ostarine. But please at your own risk.

Summary: Cardarine GW 501516 Dosage

What dosage is recommended, or what goal do you want to achieve, and are you interested in increased endurance or increased fat burning?  These questions should all be left in the hands of the professionals who test research chemicals like this for future treatments for conditions and diseases. If you are in the research industry then buy gw 50156 from the reputable Peptides USA store now!