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What does Ghrelin do?

Ghrelin Acetate is a natural peptide hormone produced in the gastrointestinal tract. It is also called Lenomorelin. In science it is known as the Hunger hormone, and all about ghrelin and its effect on weight

Ghrelin is a hormone also known as the “hunger hormone” because it regulates appetite. It is synthesized and released mainly in the stomach and is responsible for regulating blood sugar, preventing muscle atrophy and protecting the heart.

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In this article will look in detail at everything you need to know about the hunger hormone – its functions and how a person can manage its levels in the body.

Hunger Hormone – Nature and Functions

It is excreted mainly in the stomach when empty in the small intestine, brain and pancreas. Its popular name is the “hunger hormone” because its primary function is to regulates appetite.

When ghrelin activates its growth hormone secretagogue receptor, it causes us to feel hungry, which causes us to consume more food. It is stored in the body as extra fat.

The hormone of hunger through the bloodstream reaches the brain, acting on the so-called hypothalamus. It is a brain structure that synthesizes hormones that regulate hunger, emotions, thirst and many other essential conditions in the body.

In people trying to lose weight or who have recently lost weight, ghrelin levels are usually high, and it is challenging to maintain average body weight.

Effects on the Body

Sleep problems
Menopause symptoms

In addition to stimulating the appetite, ghrelin can signal the body to reduce the thermogenesis of brown fats. When this happens, the body burns less fat at rest.

Brown fat is known as good body fat. It consists of cells that contain tiny fat droplets and many mitochondria that give it its typical color.

Under certain conditions, the cells of this brown tissue burn fat droplets and convert them into heat energy. That is why brown fat is known for its thermogenic properties and its ability to increase the total calories burned.

Ghrelin also affects:

the cycle of sleep and wakefulness
the sense of taste
eating for pleasure
by stimulating impulses from the stomach to the brain center for reward satisfaction
On the positive side, the hunger hormone improves heart health, prevents muscle atrophy, and affects bone metabolism.

It can also stimulate the secretion of stomach acid and thus accelerate the stomach emptying from fluids and solids.

Apart from dictating hunger ghrelin has several other functions:

Pituitary gland secretion: The pituitary gland is in the brain, and its primary function is to secrete hormones. It consists of two main parts: the anterior lobe and the posterior lobe.

Ghrelin helps the pituitary gland to secrete the so-called adenohypophysis hormones.

Insulin regulation: The hormone is involved in insulin regulation by controlling insulin secretion and signaling insulin receptors.

Cardiovascular health: Ghrelin has several beneficial effects on the heart and may be a promising therapeutic agent in treating cardiovascular disease.

Reward-based behavior: As we have noted, the hormone stimulates a person’s sense of reward. Therefore, this hormone is a factor in hedonic eating, in which meals are for pleasure, not a necessity.

Sexual behavior: there are not enough studies to confirm the connection between ghrelin and the desire for sex, but there are severe scientific assumptions in this regard.

What Causes an Increase in Hunger Hormone Levels?

Hunger hormone, Ghrelin, Keto fever, and Autoimmune diseases

Its levels often change during the day and are controlled mainly by food intake. The hormone rises when the stomach is empty and decreases after a person eats. People who are overweight or obese have higher levels of circulating ghrelin. It can lead to a constant state of hunger and hinder weight loss.

When dieting with a yo-yo effect, hormone levels rise sharply, and the impact of weight loss is easily and quickly lost. When following different diets, it is essential not to allow a state of hunger, which activates ghrelin in the body.

In specific health problems, ghrelin also changes its typical values. Such diseases are:

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
nervousness caused by chronic stress

Where Can I Get Ghrelin?

Healthy Diet

Hunger hormone levels rise when you don’t get enough calories. Avoiding starvation and following a nutrient-rich diet can help limit ghrelin secretion.

Focus on the consumption of:

-cruciferous vegetables
-Forest fruits
-high fibre products
-dairy products
-pure protein
-healthy oils such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and those found naturally in other nuts and oily fish

Get enough sleep

Insomnia and lack of sleep increase ghrelin secretion and decrease serum leptin levels, the so-called “Satiety hormone”. It leads to a feeling of hunger. You need to get 7 hours of quality sleep a day.

Eat more protein and combine carbohydrates

Eating high-protein meals and snacks can help saturate and reduce ghrelin levels. Many nutrition studies have shown a significant reduction in hunger and increased satiety after a high-protein diet.

Limit Stress

Although it is almost impossible to eliminate stress, it is essential to limit it as much as possible. High levels of chronic stress can lead to elevated levels of ghrelin. In addition to signaling hunger, ghrelin also affects brain function. Regular physical activity, proper sleep and practicing yoga or meditation help minimize stress.

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