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Epitalon Dosage Protocol – The Facts

Epitalon dosage protocolThis post discusses the research peptide Epitalon dosage protocol, plus what the primary role is in studies. Epitalon is a research chemical also known as epithalon and epithalone. It is a man-made version of the natural polypeptide Epithalamin. This naturally occurs in the pineal gland. The main job of epitalon is to boost the production of telomerase naturally.

Telomerase is an enzyme that assists cells to reproduce telomeres or protective components of our DNA. The process allows the duplication of the body’s DNA. Meaning the body can grow new cells as well as revive old cells. For younger people, the body produces a reasonably high level of telomerase. They also make longer telomeres that provide better cell health and duplication. Of course, as people age, this process falls, and obviously health declines. This is the main cause of problems to normal functions in the body such as metabolism, hormone fluctuations, and an increase in the hypothalamus.

Epitalon Study

Epitalon was first founded by the Russian scientist Professor Vladimir Khavinson. It was found to be effective in slowing down aging. This discovery was amazing among the science community to think you could slow down aging. For the next 35 years, he continued to conduct research on animals and humans. As a result of this work, the peptide Epitalon was found to be able to reduce aging problems, such as restoring hormonal balance, encouraging melatonin production, boosting cells, and lower negatively related conditions. For now, it is showing to be effective in people over 40 and above. Epithalon often gets named the “Fountain of Youth” simply because it can reduce aging.

Benefits of Epitalon

With the discovery of the peptide epitalon having on telomerase production, the advantages are exclusive and extensive. Here we list the positive findings of longevity epitalon:

  • Epithalon can increase the human lifespan as a result of lengthening telomeres in human cells
  • It can promote better sleep
  • Slows down and or delay aging diseases such as cancer, dementia and heart disease
  • Improves the health of the skin and appearance
  • Promotes healing of injuries and improves the wear and tear of muscle cells
  • Rejuvenates the entire body’s system
  • Controls hormonal levels
  • Helps with stress-related problems

Discussion: Epitalon Side Effects

As with all new research products they have good and bad reports from studies. With epitalon it has been tested for many years. As of today, there are virtually no known side effects.


Description of Epitalon Dosage Protocol

The research peptide Epitalon is a tetrapeptide and is made up of amino acids and triggers enzyme telomerase, which then leads to telomere elongation. It is sold widely online by research chemical companies. This post discovers more about peptides and examples of Epithalon dosage:

Epitalon Reviews

Steve Beale; “I have only just used Epithalon and have been sleeping a lot better, and generally feel more energized than I did before. I am 45 years old and begun to have aches and pains until I have prescribed this supplement. As for living longer, I don’t know that as of yet, I‘ll let you know when I 100 years old!”

Jenny Arthur; “I have had wrinkles for years since I was late 20’s and now at 50 I was recommended epitalon and it has made a significant difference all round. For me, I generally feel better all over with fewer aches and pains. In addition, I also feel less stressed than before.”

Karl Ledger; “I have only just starting using this product and so far feel less tired and have a better night’s sleep. Good product!”

Where to Buy Epitalon?

To conclude our post Epitalon dosage protocol you will have discovered it has many advantages to slowing down the aging process. There are many pros to epitalon and if you want to read more about it see this link here:

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Peptide Epithalon Review

Peptide Epithalon ReviewMany of the peptides in existence are mainly aimed at building muscle, fat loss, improving general health, maintaining and recuperating joints, tendons and ligaments.  Our Epithalon review is all about the peptide Epithalon, which is used completely effectively for anti-aging. Classed as a research chemical and still being studied it has shown some astonishing effects in reducing age-related problems. Read on for everything you want to know about the peptide fountain of youth!

What is Epithalon Used For?

Epithalon is a peptide that specifically regulates the course of the lifespan of cells by increasing the activity of the enzyme telomerase and also interferes with hormonal regulation mechanisms. Epithalon is the synthetic form of the body’s own polypeptide, epithalamine, which naturally occurs in the human body and is produced in the pineal gland of the brain.

The mode of action and tasks of Epithalon

The most important tasks of the body’s own epithalamine and the peptide epithalon include regulating the metabolism and pineal gland. Among other things, it also produces the extremely important hormone melatonin, which increases the sensitivity of the hypothalamus. This among other things is needed for all possible vital functions and various hormone secretions. The normalization of the hormonal responsiveness of the adenohypophysis is the most important part of the pituitary gland, and the regulation of the levels of gonadotropins, sex hormones that stimulate the gonads, and melatonin in the body. In summary, epithalamine and epithalon regulate the hormonal balance of the human body and optimize hormonal reactions to growth and aging processes as well as stress and oxidation processes.

A Guide to Epitalon

Epithalon is also one of the few substances that can activate the enzyme telomerase. This enzyme renews the telomeres, which protect the human genome from damage at the ends of the chromosomes and regulate cell division. With each cell division, these telomeres become shorter, so that errors can arise in the new formation processes with increasing age and secondly the respective cell dies as soon as the telomeres are broken down. In simple terms, the increased activity of telomerase means that telomeres can be rebuilt so that the cellular life increases. The processes mentioned are one of the main factors for any aging process.

In addition to telomerase activation, epithalon also interferes with various hormonal regulatory mechanisms of the immune system and other aging processes. Immune function is normalized by epithalon, which ensures increased health for users who have already suffered at an advanced age.

epithalon reviewEpithalon Review Benefits

  • Intensifies rejuvenation processes
  • Counteracts excess prolactin
  • Optimizes the metabolism
  • Activates the enzyme telomerase and extends telomeres
  • Sensitizes the pituitary gland
  • It can inhibit tumor development
  • Supports the immune system
  • Normalizes cholesterol levels
  • Improves blood flow
  • Will slow down inflammation

Dosage and Intake of Epithalon

When tests are done in research usually the dosage is Epithalon 5mg or 10 mg per day. It is given during a 2-3 week duration and it works most effectively when injected subcutaneously. This dosage guide means that it is taken non-stop to achieve the best anti-aging effects and improve overall general health. Other benefits include preventing disease and constantly ensuring the hormone balance work efficiently. For research purposes, it is also available to buy in larger doses including Epithalon 50mg and Epithalon 100mg.

Epithalon Review: Side Effects

To date, there have been no serious side effects reported from users who have been tested with Epithalon.

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