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A Guide to Ketotifen Side Effects and Dosage

Ketotifen Side EffectsThe chemical Ketotifen side effects are minimal and we get to them later. First let’s look at what this research chemical is, how it works and what it treats.

Ketotifen’s brand name is Zaditor. But the active ingredient is ketotifen and is primarily used to prevent asthma attacks. It does not have a bronchodilator effect. So it can only be used for long-term treatment, and not for an acute asthma attack. Ketotifen is also used for allergic diseases such as allergic conjunctivitis (Zaditor eye drops) or allergic rhinitis.

How ketotifen works

The active ingredient in ketotifen is H1 antihistamine. This means that it has a blocking effect on the binding sites for histamine. Histamine, in turn, is responsible for typical allergic reactions such as difficulty breathing, a runny nose, and watery eyes. With the help of drugs with the active ingredient ketotifen, these symptoms can be prevented for eight to twelve hours.

TheĀ  chemical Ketotifen is used in two areas of application:

  1. Asthma

As a long-term active ingredient, ketotifen can be used in asthma patients. Asthma complaints can be inhibited or completely prevented by medication with this ingredient. However, ketotifen is not suitable in the case of an acute asthma attack because it does not dilate the bronchi.

  1. Allergies

Ketotifen can also be used for general allergic diseases, especially for:

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Runny nose
  • Allergic skin diseases

What should be considered before using a ketotifen Dosage?

Before use, it should be noted that ketotifen does not immediately develop its full effect, as this is a long-term medication. It can take eight to twelve weeks before the effects begin. Furthermore, ketotifen is not suitable for helping with an acute asthma attack; a beta-2 sympathomimetic should be used for this. Competitive athletes should also note that ketotifen is listed as a prohibited substance in the doping area with few restrictions. Ketotifen should not be taken with known hypersensitivity to ketotifen the case of epilepsy and the risk should be weighed against the benefits by a doctor

Warning: ketotifen contraindications

Before taking the following points should be considered or ketotifen side effects can occur!

  • The effect only work after several weeks, ketotifen is not suitable for acute allergic problems or asthma symptoms
  • Ketotifen can have a major impact on responsiveness, so driving/or machine operation can be extremely dangerous
  • The substance Ketotifen can be used in children, from the age of three.
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding, ketotifen should only be used when it really is necessary and only in consultation with the treating doctor. There is a lower risk of using eye drops, but the doctor should also be consulted in this case.

Application and Ketotifen Dosage

  • The use of ketotifen should only be used after a consultation with a doctor. Ketotifen is available both as eye drops and as capsules (prescription only).
  • Dosage of eye drops with ketotifen as instructed by a doctor.
  • Adults and children from three years of age: drop one drop in the sick eye (or eyes) twice a day (morning and evening).

In-Depth Ketotifen Fumarate Review

Ketotifen counteracts allergic conjunctivitis in two ways. It acts both as a mast cell stabilizer and as an antihistamine. Therefore, it can also be used acutely in the form of eye drops if there is already allergic conjunctivitis, although the effect on the mast cells only shows effects after some time.

The therapeutic efficiency of ketotifen has been proven. Through its effect on the mast cells in the tissue, ketotifen prevents the release of histamine and other inflammatory substances (prostaglandins, leukotrienes, cytokines), which play a major role in allergies.

If ketotifen is available in sufficient quantities in the cells after one to two weeks of consistent use, they hardly release any histamine and other messenger substances that stimulate inflammation. In this way the inflammatory reaction can be avoided – this also prevents further allergic reactions.

In addition, ketotifen acts as an antihistamine and occupies the binding sites (receptors) for the tissue hormone histamine. So the body’s histamine can longer dock there and the allergic reaction is blocked.

Watch out for Ketotifen side effects

This agent is suitable for the prevention of allergic conjunctivitis if it does not contain any preservatives. Preserved preparations are considered “also suitable”.

Application and Dosage

You can apply the product in the eye twice a day. If you are also treating the eye with other medicines, you should keep an interval of at least five minutes.

No action is required when you immediately use the drops, the eyes may feel a little pain, but this quickly disappears. 1 in 1,000 people may get drier eyes and mouth, but this does not require further treatment.

In around 1 in 1,000 people treated, the product can cause tiredness or make the eyes more sensitive to light, which can impair reaction and vision (e.g. driving).

Beware Ketotifen Fumarate Side Effects

If the eye remains red and itching and blisters develop on the surrounding skin or if a red rash appears on the body, you may be allergic to the product. With such skin symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

For children and teenagers under the age of 18

You can use the remedy in children from three years old. The same dose recommendations apply as for adults. The therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of ketotifen have not been fully established in younger children.

For pregnancy and lactation

As there is insufficient experience with use during pregnancy, you should carefully consider the benefits and risks of using it. However, it cannot be assumed that this external type of application affects the unborn child’s organism. You can use the product while breastfeeding.

When wearing contact lenses

As long as your eyes are inflamed, for your comfort, you should avoid wearing contact lenses. If you can not do without the lenses, you should remove stable lenses before applying the eye drops. Then put them back in after at least 15 minutes. You should not wear soft contact lenses. The drug can become lodged in the relatively large pores of these lenses and thus remain on the eye for considerably longer. This increases the risk of undesirable effects.


After using eye drops you may see poorly for five to ten minutes. During this time, you are not allowed to drive a vehicle or operate machinery. This also applies if the eye drops make you more sensitive to light.

Final word…

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