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What is LL-37 Peptide?

LL-37 is an antimicrobial peptide. Research with antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) is proving to be effective in killing microbial pathogens or bugs. This group has also shown in research to have the benefit of controlling and or getting rid of infections. Plus they have the ability to regulate bacteria and virus invasion. AMPs are proving to be an alternative to antibiotics.

The peptide LL-37 occurs naturally in the wound bed and helps repair wounds. It is indicated as an old peptide when neutrophils a variety of white blood cells are stimulated. LL-37 is expressed in the body in varying forms such as cells, tissues, bone marrow, skin cells, gastrointestinal tract, and in the epididymis and lungs.

How LL-37 Works

The fact LL-37 is antimicrobial means it can regulate the stability of pro-and anti-inflammatory molecules. Balancing inflammation and tissue healing is a fragile process. The inflammatory response is crucial within the body to help fight off pathogens. But, these responses can stop ample healing, and form scar tissue and lead to autoimmune diseases, if not monitored.

Research has discovered LL-37 can balance inflammation with healing and mediate these macrophages’ effects. Macrophages increase inflammation when unfamiliar pathogens are noticed. From identifying the pathogens, signals are sent throughout the body to increase its defense. Then the immune system kicks in and takes over. This starts to overtake the macrophages. The pathogens help make new signs to calm inflammation so allowing the body to move to the healing stage.

LL-37 Peptide Benefits

There have been limited studies and few publications on this peptide. It is hoped in the future to help treat chronic infections, including diabetes, cancers, E. coli, Candida albicans, and immune system dysfunction. Here we summarize the multiple benefits of LL-37 peptide buy for study purposes!

  • A wide range of antimicrobial action controlling bacteria, enveloped viruses, and fungi
  • Help encourage wound healing
  • Control infections
  • Stabilize tissue inflammation
  • Reduce biofilm formation

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