Anti-Aging Wonder: Vialox Pentapeptide-3V

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Vialox Pentapeptide-3VVialox Pentapeptide-3V is a research peptide that has the capability to minimize the deepness of expression wrinkles, mainly on the forehead and around eyes. How is this possible you may be asking? This is simply because Vialox or Pentapeptide-3V is a muscle relaxant and helps weaken very active facial muscles, reducing the deepness of wrinkles. This peptide is referred to in the research industry as an anti-wrinkle ingredient. It is becoming a popular ingredient in anti-aging creams and serums in the beauty industry because it is effective in reducing lines.

The Function of Vialox PentaPeptide-3

Vialox is a strong anti-wrinkle ingredient and found in numerous cosmetic products. It is a real breakthrough for age-related problems such as wrinkles! Tests have discovered it can reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 50%. It works by lowering the contraction of muscle cells. Vialox is often compared to Botox but is applied by topical cream. A more attractive deal for those who don’t like needles! Results are reported to be as effective as Botox. In clinical trials to reduce Crow’s feet (deep wrinkles in the corner of the eye area) Vialox was used on women between thirty and sixty and applied twice a day to just one side of the face for 28 days. The results were similar to Botox results and effective on all wrinkles to the face, not just the Crow’s feet.

What is Vialox?

The research pentapeptide-3V or Vialox is a man-made research product that originates from snake venom. It works in a similar way to Botox by causing partial paralysis in the facial muscles. This process results in reducing lines and wrinkles to the face.  Tests on animals using it twice daily found it effective in up to 50% of cases, plus it can promote smoother skin.

Peptide Sciences Vialox – How does it Work?

The reasoning for wrinkles and thinning skin is a lack of collagen. The development of research peptides such as Vialox is to induce the matrix layers in the skin especially collagen and fibronectin. This means it encourages the skin to make more collagen and helps reduce the aging process. Vialox, Matrixyl, and Copper peptides all work in a similar way promoting lower layers of skin to heal on their own and boost healing.

All about Pure Peptides

In today’s modern society the desire to look younger is greater than ever. With each decade people enter the demand to stay youthful can be a pressure. For women in particular it can be a stressful dilemma, to stay in a career or even a relationship. You are never far away from news reports which nowadays class the age group of 50s being like the new 40’s! The demand to be younger continues even in the younger age groups. Whist we all know we need to take care of our bodies with diet and exercise sometimes it needs some extra help on the outside! The research industry is always exploring new products to combat aging. Today in the beauty industry there are countless peptides that are used in creams, gels, lotions, and serums to do just this job.

Where to buy peptide Vialox Pentapeptide-3V

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