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How Far For a Tan – Facts about a Melanotan II Dosage?

Melanotan 2 dosageMelanotan 2 is similar to a substance in our body called melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which increases the darkening of the skin. It is found to increase skin pigmentation because it darkens skin pigments. When used in combination with light sun exposure, it will quickly give a darker skin tone. The research peptide Melanotan 2 is also known as a sensitive protein and has a molecule with less than fifty amino acids. From reports on the chemical a Melanotan II dosage in tests actually gives a person a tan rapidly without even being exposed to the sun. In today’s modern society this is going to appeal to a lot of people!

How does Melanotan II work?

Melanotan 2 injections were given to test subjects in studies and it showed that it forms a tan very quickly. This peptide also has been said to have additional benefits in that it reduces appetite. Some reports also suggest it increases libido. But, these are all results from research. This peptide is a research chemical and not for human consumption because it is still in the clinical stages.

Pros and Cons

There are many positive Melanotan 2 reviews on the internet from users obsessed with wanting a tanned body year-round. But many sources imply caution as Melanotan side effects can be very serious even resulting in death. The term Barbie drug often appears and is associated with a Melanotan 2 dosage. Why? Well, because people are fanatical about having an all-year-round tan, they will do almost anything to get it including using chemicals that are not proved safe as yet.

The peptide Melanotan 2 is widely available with some sources promoting it with the promise of a tanned body all year round. But care should be taken; this peptide has many side effects such as bloating, sickness, liver, and kidney pain. It can also speed up cancer and cause moles and lesions! In fact, a number of people have had serious reactions and many have died using this peptide so beware. Our advice is to leave it to the experts, for now, to keep testing until they prove it is safe! For more details about this peptide read here:

Melanotan 2 before and after

As we stated this is still being examined by experts who have rules to adhere to in the laboratories. Scientists will scrutinize this chemical and control all Melanotan 2 dosage amounts and log all data including benefits and problems. While we all want to have a bronzed look, use safer options such as spray tans and self-tanning products until it is officially on the market.  If you are in this industry and searching for reliable sources with Melanotan 2 for sale check out Peptides USA. There is a wide range of high-quality peptides and SARMs available.