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Facts about PEG MGF for Healing

PEG-MGF is a research peptide that stands for Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor. PEG-MGF’s primary function is to repair muscle tissue. But in studies, it can heal bone, ligament, muscle, and tendons. It is a valuable treatment for injuries, muscle wastage diseases, strokes, and heart attacks.

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How Does PEG-MGF Work?

PEG-MGF works by stimulating the production of MGF. It is proving to be more stable when delivered with the addition of Polyethylene Glycol. In short, this action protects the MGF. The body needs MGF to build muscle cells in certain places when required. It is also present in the body in the muscles after a strenuous workout.

These findings show that MGF is being made naturally in the body to influence repairs. The help from the manufactured peptide PEG-MGF shows it can move through the body and works on injuries compared to natural MGF, which only works in one place.

Studies show PEG-MGF stability is short, only a few minutes, but this is good enough to begin building and repairing muscles. In addition, the stem cell count rises, which is also an advantage in developing muscle tissue. Overall, trials with PEG-MGF show it increases the speed of repairs to muscles, reduces inflammation, and generally builds muscle strength.

PEG-MGF Peptide Protocol

The research peptide PEG-MGF was first developed in 1996 to treat various aging conditions, cancer, heart disease, and motor neuron disease. Initially, experts found PEG-MGF could build and repair muscle. But more studies now show it has more benefits, and these include:

  • Building and strengthening bones and skeletal tissue
  • Protecting the heart and neurological system in the human body
  • Repair and build muscle
  • Improve performance in athletes

Studies with the research peptide PGF-MGF know it builds muscle mass and in a few weeks. It is a potent muscle enhancer and repair treatment, even preventing muscle deterioration from illness and injury.  The additional advantage of PGF-MGF is because the research peptide is a copied version of the natural substance in the body but works better.

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While it is still in the early stages of clinical trials, PGF-MGF certainly has many positive results in healing. It is not for human use!