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A Brief Guide to a Liothyronine Dosage

liothyronine dosageA Liothyronine dosage will be used as a supplement that replicas the natural thyroid hormone. The man-made research chemical liothyronine is a synthetic form of the human T3 hormone.

This type of drug is needed when the thyroid gland is injured from medication or radiation, or if it is removed by surgery. It also helps treat those with the underactive thyroid gland. It is crucial to have healthy levels of thyroid hormone to stay fit and healthy. For children having enough thyroid hormone is important for growth and the ability to learn properly.  The research chemical is an ingredient that can be found in the brand name CYTOMEL tablets (liothyronine sodium).

Experts Liothyronine Experiences

Often thyroid hormones can be distinguished into two categories, natural preparations from animal thyroid, and or man-made substances. The tablet form Cytomel contains the man-made thyroid hormone. This is used because some patients can be allergic to the extracts from the animal preparations.

Most endocrinologists prescribe the T3 drug Liothyronine dosage or the extract Armor Thyroid to patients who respond positively to combination therapy or thyroid extract. These experts who deal with thyroid problems know that this treatment has a good effect on their cognitive and psychological functions. They are then permitted to continue with the treatment in controlled doses. Armor Thyroid is a natural hormone mixture of T3 and T4 extracted from the thyroid to the pig. Thyroid extract can be given by GPs to supplement Levaxin or Euthyrox.

Liothyronine Reviews from a Study

In the past, the first drug for low metabolism was animal extract. It saved the lives of many, and it took several years before synthetic medicine came onto the market. Unfortunately, there are not many patient studies on the extract, and little research has been done on this treatment. The challenge is twofold – Thyroid extract is not a registered treatment in some countries and an exemption must be sought for each patient. The treatment is therefore expensive.

Testing on the substance in Norway by experts has shown this treatment immediately turns off the pituitary gland and creates imbalances in the blood tests. The pituitary test TSH has so far been the best treatment constraint. But it is hard for a physician to make good dosage suggestions. If a patient was prescribed this treatment with thyroid extract, it would be very important to have regular monitoring from a doctor. Some researchers have given T3 treatment next to the T4 medicine, without reducing the T4 dose as much. When treated with T3 in the morning, the effect will come in the daytime. The feedback from many patients is that they get more energy after starting combination therapy.

Other treatments with Liothyronine Weight loss

Doctors prescribe a Liothyronine dosage in tablet form for:

  • Low thyroid hormone or hypothyroidism
  • Prevent goiter – an enlarged thyroid gland
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Obesity
  • Depression

A positive point is that most people can take liothyronine as the thyroid hormone exists naturally in the body. But, it is essential to inform your doctor if you are suffering from any existing health condition, plus any other medication you may be taking.

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