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Tesamorelin Bodybuilding Facts

Tesamorelin bodybuilding Tesamorelin (also known as Egrifta) is a synthetic form of growth hormone-releasing hormone used in the treatment of HIV-associated fatty states. It is classed as a research chemical and is not for human consumption. But studies so far have discovered Tesamorelin benefits are widespread. With continuing testing on this peptide, experts are always finding new results that might one day help a range of health problems. In this blog, we look at the research peptide Tesamorelin bodybuilding facts and see why it appeals to this industry. But, before we carry on, this is simply information and not encouragement to promote these research chemicals in any way!

Peptide Tesamorelin Benefits

One major positive effect of Tesamorelin is the ability to increase muscle growth with simultaneous fat reduction. This basically works by improving metabolism and gives a clearly visible improved body shape, obviously an appeal to athletes and bodybuilders! These effects are caused by so-called GHRF peptides, i.e. growth hormone-releasing factor — peptides. Among this group of peptides is tesamorelin, so let’s carry on and discover everything you should know about it!

How Tesamorelin works

The tesamorelin peptide, formerly known as TH9507, belongs to the group of mimicking GHRF, the so-called growth hormone-releasing factors. Natural GHRF causes an increased production of growth hormones in the body and ultimately also causes a significantly increased growth hormone release. In general, this leads to a drastic increase in the metabolic rate, which, for example, allows athletes to reduce abdominal fat, optimize energy levels, generally, shape their body shape and also increase muscle growth.

Tesamorelin for Weight loss Advantage!

Tesamorelin is, therefore, a synthetic form of GHRF (Growth Hormone Releasing Factor), which, like natural GHRF, causes the pituitary gland to release more growth hormone in general. Similar to fragment 176–191, tesamorelin has been shown to reduce belly fat with significantly fewer side effects than synthetic growth hormones such as HGH. It has shown fat-burning effects continue for a certain period of time even after the use of tesamorelin stops. However, the duration of this effect depends on the individual user. However, it can be concluded from this observation that the fat-burning mode of the action of tesamorelin is significantly stronger than that of fragment 176,191 or HGH.

Peptide Tesamorelin Reviews

Tesamorelin has also been shown to reduce lipodystrophy, i.e. the increase in abdominal fat in HIV-infected people and in non-HIV-infected people. In the context of this observation, tesamorelin has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of HIV patients due to the lipodystrophy mentioned.

In addition, it can help the elderly improve the cognitive and verbal ability of this age group of people due to the connection of the peptide with various mechanisms in the brain. The type of action is not comparable to known nootropics. It is extremely unusual for a peptide such as tesamorelin, which actually belongs to the group of GHRF peptides that can in addition to anabolic and metabolic factors also influences cognitive aspects. For this reason, the study on tesamorelin can become interesting with physical ailments in combination with cognitive loss of ability. These reactions have been documented in various American studies from 2006.

Tesamorelin Before and After Symptoms

The peptide Tesamorelin can not only reduce the amount of fat in the abdominal area. But can also ensure that fat deposits in organs such as the stomach, intestine or liver can be reduced. This, in turn, has a preventive effect on diseases and a positive effect on general health.

  • Benefits of Tesamorelin Reviews at a glance:
  • Promotes increased growth hormone release
  • Accelerates metabolism
  • Boosts fat burning
  • Change to the body shape in a positive way
  • Has an anabolic factor on the body due to the increased growth hormone release
  • Improves cognitive and verbal skills in the elderly
  • Reduces triglycerides
  • Helps with medical care for HIV patients

Tesamorelin Bodybuilding Dosage – Peptide Side Effects

Side effects are rarely reported when using tesamorelin. But there are some known side effects that have been experienced such as:

  • Nausea
  • Night sweats
  • Irritation/redness from the injection
  • Indigestion
  • Sleep disorders
  • Vomit

If there are other side effects, however, the intake should be stopped immediately!

A Guide to Tesamorelin Dosage

As with almost all peptides, the injection is subcutaneous. The usual dosage is 2 mg (one injection) per day and is usually used since tesamorelin has so far mainly been aimed at burning fat in HIV patients until it improves. In relation to tesamorelin bodybuilders and athletes, usage is as part of a diet and workout regime to build muscle and strength while staying lean.

Important Tesamorelin Warnings

From research, Tesamorelin is a GRF or growth hormone-releasing factor. It is used to reduce stomach fat which is caused by taking HIV medication. It is not an obesity medication. There are some important points to note about this peptide, and when this should not be used they include:

  • Tesamorelin should not be taken during pregnancy as it can harm the unborn baby.
  • If there is a history of tumors or surgery to the pituitary gland, or after radiation treatment.
  • You should inform a doctor before being prescribed this type of medication if you have had any of the following problems; asthma, allergies, cancer, diabetes, eye problems as a result of diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, open heart surgery, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, and kidney disease.

Summary of Tesamorelin Review Bodybuilding

We hope you have enjoyed this article tesamorelin bodybuilding. As you can see like all-new medication it has many positive uses in helping HIV patients. But as you have discovered it does get into the hands of those seeking to build muscle and strength. It is however still new to the market and should be left to the experts to prescribe this type of medication where needed. Tesamorelin is still being researched before it can be rolled out into health care systems.