Chonluten Peptides For Sale

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Chonluten Peptides For Sale
Chonluten Peptides For Sale

Are you looking for Chonluten peptides but not sure where to buy? Read on to find the best quality and lowest prices of this revolutionary peptide.

Chonluten is a cytogen and contains peptide bioregulators of the lungs and bronchi, which contribute to the normalization of respiratory function.

Where to Find Chonluten Peptides For Sale

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Chonluten normalizes protein synthesis in the cells of lung and bronchial tissue, which regulates their activity. Restores and preserves the tissue of the lung alveoli and bronchial mucosa, provides the processes of cellular nutrition, improving respiratory function in general. Like all cytogens, it has a faster but less lasting effect than similar cytomax Taxorest Chonluten can be taken not only as part of a comprehensive treatment, but also as a prophylactic, for example on the eve of the season of acute respiratory infections and influenza.

Chonluten is recommended for:

Chonluten is recommended for:
  • prevention of respiratory diseases;
  • age-related deterioration of the respiratory system;
  • the consequences of prolonged smoking;
  • intensive sports training;
  • Chronic respiratory failure;
  • Chronic cardiopulmonary insufficiency;
  • inflammatory diseases of the lungs (bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma);
  • after prolonged stay on a respirator;
  • inactive phase tuberculosis;
  • chest trauma;
  • airway burns;
  • toxic bronchopulmonary damage, including carbon monoxide exposure.HONLUTEN is a peptide complex containing amino acids that help to normalize the functions of the lungs and bronchial mucosa.
    Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of HONLUTEN in the complex recovery of patients with impaired lung and bronchial function in acute and chronic respiratory diseases of infectious and non-infectious origin, as well as for maintaining respiratory function in advanced and old age.

Recommended for:
• chronic respiratory failure
• chronic heart and lung failure
• recovery from pneumonia
• Consequences of artificial lung ventilation
• Respiratory distress syndrome
• Tuberculosis of the lungs in remission
• Chest injuries
• Burns of the upper respiratory tract
• Consequences of toxic lung damage, including carbon dioxide poisoning
• Carbon dioxide poisoning • training
• maintaining the function of the respiratory system in the elderly
• chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma
• respiratory allergies
• pulmonary emphysema