Tesamorelin Review of Studies So Far

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In this Tesamorelin review, we look at what studies and results have found to date. Tesamorelin is a research chemical that serves as a hormone-releasing growth factor. The peptide Tezamororelin stimulates the production and promotes the spread of growth hormone throughout the human body, which mainly helps to improve the quality of metabolism, as well as reduce the level of fat deposits in the abdominal cavity, while correctly distributing energy use and improving body shape.

A Guide to Tesamorelin Benefits

Tesamorelin also reduces the risk of lipodystrophy in HIV-infected patients. It is worth recalling that lipodystrophy is a disease that causes changes in the location of body fat in the human body. Also, the disease can be the main cause of changes in the body’s metabolism. Patients who are sick with lipodystrophy may have excessive fat deposits mainly in the stomach, liver, and other abdominal organs (also called visceral fat). In people who are not HIV-infected, tesamorelin removes all excess stored fat in the abdominal cavity.

Tesamorelin is a stabilized analog of growth hormone release factor (GRF). This stimulates the production of the growth hormone somatropin in a physiological and specific sense. To date, a lot of medical research has been done. The following can be determined from them the peptide Tesamorelin, it reduces the quantitative level of visceral fat in HIV-infected patients with Lipohypertrophy to the same extent as in patients who are not HIV-infected.

Research With Tesamorelin Before And After

More recently, experts conducted a placebo-controlled test, from which it was determined that the peptide – Tesamorelin which stimulates the production of growth hormone. It also improved the test scores for the cognitive function of the body (mental activity and ability to cognition and learning). This occurred in both people with impaired cognitive function, and in healthy elderly people. According to the data of the doctor, Professor Laura D. Baker the number of final points scored in twenty-week studies on verbal memory and function of organization was much higher among those participants who took the peptide Tesamorelin or Egrit, which is a synthetic analog of the release factor growth hormone.

Advantage Of Tesamorelin For Weight Loss

All participants who took the drug in the studies showed significantly higher effective indicators in testing the cognitive function of the body compared to the separated placebo group. A number of experiments conducted within the framework of the test proved that the system of growth hormone (including its metabolism) is directly related to the cognitive function of the body, and with age, with a decrease in the level of somatropin, the cognitive function of the body also decreases.

It was also found with age, the level of release hormone (HGF) production and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) and growth hormone decrease. It is important that the insulin-like growth factor includes important neurotrophic characteristics in its assets. These characteristics make it possible to protect neurons from the degenerative properties of states and activate other active growth factors of neurons.

During the study of the use of growth hormone release factor in animals, an improvement in the function of the biological marker of the brain was found, while research data on the implementation of perception improved markedly.

What Are The Tesamorelin Side Effects?

Clinical medical trials of release hormone growth hormone (HGF), conducted in 2006, showed a significant improvement in the results of perception studies in perfectly healthy people aged. In this test, conducted by the National Institute for Population Aging, 37 people with problems in the structure of cognitive function of the body and 41 adults without problems took placebo or Tesamorelin, 1 mg per day subcutaneously, in completely random order.

The participants in 4 groups had an average age of 65 to 71 years. During the initial mini-testing, the average score on the properties of mental abilities was 29 for perfectly healthy participants in the test and 28 points for participants with existing deviations. Participants with disabilities and healthy participants differed in the first stage of the test – a retelling of the printed text. The average indicator was healthy!

Best Place To Buy Tesamorelin?

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