Follistatin 344 Review

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Follistatin 344 ReviewIn this Follistatin 344 review we briefly look at what follistatin 344 peptide is and what results are so far from research. Plus, we also recommend the best place to buy Follistatin 344, and other premium research chemicals. An important factor when finding new treatments. Using the best quality research products will provide the best results in the laboratory. For those in the research sector our Follistatin 344 price is the best online. Thus buy follistatin 1mg now here for the amazing price of $175.00! 

We supply a wide selection of research chemicals for educational and research use only. In the case of Follistatin 344 is is showing good results in gene therapy and treating muscle wastage diseases.

What Is Follistatin?

Follistatin is an exceptional protein that can increase muscle mass with its ability to suppress myostatin. It occurs naturally in the skeletal muscles of most mammals. Follistatin contains a large amount of the amino acid cysteine.

Follistatin, and in particular follistatin 344 (FS344), quickly gained popularity among bodybuilders with its potential to rapidly increase lean muscle mass. However, we are not promoting it for this use. It is merely for informational purposes. Instead Follistatin 344 is for research only. It is showing to be effective in treating muscle wastage diseases.

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Follistatin Benefits Muscle Growth

FS344 works by binding to peptides (transforming growth factor – TGF) such as myostatin, which is responsible for regulating and limiting muscle growth. It is also important to note that myostatin has a regulatory role in skeletal muscle fibrosis.

The process is pathological  which manifests itself in increased growth of connective tissue, disrupting the structure of tissues and organs. Too much myostatin can cause chronic diseases in vital organs and tissues.

In addition to suppressing the degenerative properties of myostatin, follistatin also inhibits the synthesis and secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in the pituitary gland.

Follistatin Side Effects

Excessive levels of FSH in men suggest testicular dysfunction. This suppresses muscle growth, recovery and normal functioning of hormones. BUT it is important to note again that too low levels of FSH also lead to negative effects on health and reproductive capacity.

While some myostatin inhibitors, such as Trichostatin A (TSA), require daily dosing, increased follistatin levels have been observed for up to 15 months after the initial amount. The lack of need for daily boosters makes follistatin a very attractive alternative to myostatin suppression.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in interest in follistatin and other myostatin inhibitors. Mainly due to the fact that an alternative means of combating muscle disorders is being sought. The most popular drug at the moment are anabolic androgenic steroids, which have many unwanted health side effects.

Follistatin-344 Results

  • Increased muscle mass
  • An increase in strength and endurance
  • Better muscle tone
  • High muscle density
  • Better sleep
  • Strengthens tendons and connective tissue

Peptide Follistatin 344 For Research

The researchers begin trials on patients with 50 micrograms per day for 10 days. It is possible to apply locally into the muscle you want to progress. In this case, alternating left and right sides is recommended.

Follistatin Supplement Side Effects

Some people experience an increase in appetite. However, long-term use of the peptide is not recommended because it inhibits the synthesis and secretion of FSH by the pituitary gland (hence its name). In addition it can drastically reduce sexual desire!

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