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What is Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin is another name for gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). It is a synthetic decapeptide prepared by solid-phase peptide synthesis. GnRH is responsible for the release of stimulating follicle hormone and luteinizing hormone from the anterior catheter.

The research peptide Ipamorelin is a fascinating muscle discovery receiving a lot of attention in the research community. It is a synthetic peptide that has powerful growth hormone releasing properties. These HGH releasing properties are what scientists are interested in, as they can make a huge difference in how much muscle you can grow and how quickly you burn fat. With these results, Ipamorelin is testing as a potential treatment for muscle wastage diseases.

How Does Ipamorelin Work?

Ipamorelin is the first ghrelin developed to have a unique selectivity that only stimulates the release of GH without significantly increasing cortisol or prolactin. However, the dose is 200 times higher than the average effective dose.

An Example of Ipamorelin Peptide

After a patient has Ipamorelin a selective pulse emits to stimulate the hypothalamic / pituitary to release GH. This pulse can last for about 3 hours after the insertion. Once the GH pulse emits, the cells go straight into the muscles to support development while preventing any possible bone or cartilage growth.

Patients are typically given Ipamorelin 200 mcg -300 mcg, two or three times a day. They usually start with the lowest amount, as side effects can include headaches or what feels like a fever. Ipamorelin is administered at any time, but bringing about 30-45 minutes before a workout seems ideal due to the pulse in Growth Hormone (HGH) it creates to allow maximum growth.

The pituitary reaction to an aggressive and higher dose of Ipamorelin showed that plasma GH levels reduced while remaining unchanged after a comparable amount of GHRH. It is as good as it suggests that Ipamorelin may not decrease your body’s natural GH production, proving that Ipamorelin is a selective GH release.

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Ipamorelin Benefits

Another advantage of Ipamorelin is that it does not cause sudden spikes in prolactin or cortisol, just like GHRP-2 and GHRP-6. Ipamorelin is slower in its delivery, unlike GHRPs, which increase GH levels at a faster rate. The slower release is more natural and has a more sustained effect.

Ipamorelin does not induce hunger, so it is advantageous for people on a calorie-restricted diet. And obviously, the side effects of Ipamorelin are enhanced when combined with anabolic steroids as they also influence the production and production of the Hormone / Insulin Growth Factor.


Overall, it seems that Ipamorelin is the new wave of GH releasing peptides. It appears to be more powerful, longer-lasting, and potentially safer to use in the long term. Studies are happening all the time, but as it stands, Ipamorelin seems like a severe competitor in the anabolic breakthrough for building muscle.

Ipamorelin is a new and powerful synthetic pentapeptide with different and specific human hormone (HGH) releasing properties. It does not create bumps on either prolactin or cortisol like GHRP-2 and -6. Ipamorelin is also ideal for those on relatively low-calorie diets because it does not stimulate the appetite. Ipamorelin and other peptides are the way of the future for increasing growth hormone.

Final Note:

The research IPAMORELIN has caused widespread interest in the world of weight lifting. Like GHRP-6 (Hexapeptide Releasing Growth Hormone) Peptide, it is a synthetic peptide with effective growth hormone releasing properties. However, it is NOT for use in this way. It is classed as a research peptide and is not for human use.