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A Guide to LGD 3303 Cycle – Is It the Best SARM?

LGD-3303 CycleThe research SARM LGD 3303 is relatively new and not many places stock it just yet! The LGD 3303 cycle was created by the Pharmaceutical Company Lingad and has similar properties to LGD-4033. It is still being researched as a possible treatment for osteoporosis. Study so far has found it to be one of the strongest SARMs. But, it isn’t widely marketed like LGD 4033 as yet. In this blog, we take a look at what LGD 3303 cycle means and how it provides comparable results to anabolic steroids.

What are the Gains from LGD 3303 Dosing?

Experts so far have discovered LGD 3303 is a strong SARM that has the ability to increase muscle and strength. Therefore a benefit to patients with osteoporosis a condition that causes bones to become weak and fragile. A lack of certain hormones can cause this and it is a common condition in older people. This chemical has also been found to help treat muscle wastage diseases and encourage the growth of new muscle. It is certainly a positive step in the medical industry! However, due to the fact, this SARM builds muscle it gets into the hands of fitness enthusiasts who use LGD 3303 for bodybuilding desires!

What is the Difference between LGD3033 vs 4033?

LGD 3303 and LGD 4033 are SARMs. The main difference between the two is in how they affect weight and muscle gain. There is also virtually no negative impact on the androgenic organs. Tests so far have discovered them to be relatively safe and have few side effects. SARMs like these two were initiated by experts to be taken orally and have a positive effect on bone and muscle. Lab tests on rats have shown that both these drugs have the potential to build muscle mass. The medical experts consider this a step forward to help treat some serious conditions in the near future.

SARMs Peptides for Sale

Pharmaceutical companies create new drugs all the time, to help cure various diseases. SARMs and Peptides have had very little testing and are not for human consumption. Both are for research purposes only and need a lot more testing before they are put out there to cure some of the above conditions.

The biggest market for SARMs and peptides sale is in the world of sport, even though they are banned in professional competition by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Athletes and bodybuilders manage to buy an LGD 3303 dosage and LGD 4033 dosage to build lean muscle and increase strength and endurance. These chemicals can provide similar results to anabolic steroids such as Dianabol, Sustanon, Trenbolone, and Deca Durabolin, but with fewer side effects.

LGD 3303 Cycle Can Cause Side Effects

While LGD 3303 is a newer SARM on the research market, study so far has found it to have some problems such as:

  • Testosterone suppression symptoms which can include fatigue, a decrease in body hair, breast swelling, low libido, hot flashes, and mood changes
  • Increased estrogen levels

The benefit of LGD 3303

The advantages of LGD 3303 SARM are as follows:

  • Increased muscle mass and bone density, so this SARM will encourage muscle growth and strengthen bones
  • There is little effect on androgenic organs
  • Boosts metabolism so, therefore, can decrease body fat
  • It is safe for men and women to use
  • No effect on the prostate gland and natural testosterone production

Concluding LGD-3303 Review

Still, in its early study lgd-3303 is a SARM that could change patients’ lives for the better. Quality of life is important for everyone and the more research on potential treatments the better. If you are in this industry and are looking for the best place to buy lgd-3303 legit then check out Peptides USA.








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Levothyroxine News from Europe

Levothyroxine News While we often report about the US laws relating to research chemicals this time we have ventured further afield to see what goes in Europe! The levothyroxine news from European Medicines Agency was announced that the drug would only be available for 2019. This has caused upset for sufferers and controversy over the change in formulation and the side effects continue.

The Story of Levothyroxine for sale

The old Levothyrox (Euthyrox) formula has continued to be offered to patients with hypothyroidism throughout 2019, according to a statement from the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM). “The ANSM asked the Merck laboratory to continue its availability in France the past year to allow patients still treated with Euthyrox to adapt to a new treatment,” said the press release, which specifies that the drug will be available only for a limited time and in limited quantities.

The news went on to say “the same numbers of boxes as in 2018, that is to say, 50,000 per month were bought,” said Valérie Leto, head pharmacist of the Merck laboratory. In total, between 3 and 4 million boxes of levothyroxine-based specialties are sold each month, all brands combined. “We have already imported Euthyrox from Germany since October 2017, at the request of the French health authorities,” continues Valérie Leto.

In Brief Hypothyroidism Causes?

Hypothyroidism is also known as low thyroid or underactive thyroid. It is a disorder that affects the endocrine system in the thyroid gland. This means the thyroid gland doesn’t make enough thyroid hormones. Therefore Hypothyroidism symptoms can cause problems such as constipation, depression, tiredness, poor ability to cope with the cold, and weight gain.

Buy Levothyroxine is scheduled to End

The announcement was welcomed by the association “Living without thyroid”, which evokes a “breath of fresh air for patients who do not support the new formula”. As a reminder, the active principle (the hormone levothyroxine) remains the same, only the excipients differ. But the measure is still deemed insufficient: “This postpones the problem. What is needed is a sustainability of the two formulas side by side, “said Beate Bartès, president of” Living without thyroid “, at the AFP.

Where can I buy Levothyroxine Over The Counter?

However, the end of the old Levothyrox formula is already scheduled. The change was already made in Switzerland in April 2018 and other European countries are preparing to follow suit. “21 European countries have approved the marketing of the new formula,” explains Valérie Leto. From the start of 2019, it was to be Germany’s turn. “The boxes of Euthyrox supplying the French circuit will therefore no longer be imported from Germany but from “another European country”.”The product will be strictly the same,” said the Merck pharmacist.

Levothyroxine tablet buy online – ways to understand the crisis the 5 drugs available

In addition, the offer has diversified widely since the end of 2018, at the request of the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn. While Merck was until then one of the only two laboratories to market a drug based on levothyroxine (with the drug in oral solution from the Serb laboratory), three alternatives are now available: L-Thyroxin Henning (Sanofi), Tcaps (Juniper laboratory), and Thyrofix (Serb laboratory).

Levothyroxine Mechanism of Action

On the side of “Living without thyroid”, it is estimated that the reasons for the change of formulation remain unclear. “The authorities say that the old product does not meet the new specifications and that it was absolutely impossible to continue,” said the president of the association. It is to respond to a request from the French Medicines Agency dated 2012 that the Merck laboratory has changed the formulation.

“The active ingredient degrades overtime on contact with the excipient, which means that the drug does not meet the standards for stability and American regulations on dosages,” said Valérie Leto. “This could lead to differences in dosages from one batch to another but also between the different drugs on the market.”

In 2012, the ANSM, therefore, asked the Merck laboratory, but also the two other laboratories which marketed a generic medicine, to comply with the more stringent standards set down by the American health authorities. “We are the only laboratory to have done so, we have committed more than 30 million Euros,” points out Valérie Leto. By nature, we were left alone in the market, but it is not a wanted monopoly. ”

Future Levothyrox News

“The patent for the old formula expired in May 2019. While the new formula has a patent for 2014 which lasts until 2034,” says Beate Bartès. Information confirmed in Figaro by the Merck laboratory, denies any link between the change in formula and financial interests.

“When the ANSM asked us to make the change, it notified us that if we did not change the formula, we would withdraw the marketing authorization, says Florent Bensadoun, legal director of the Merck group in France. Patent Helps Protect Our Work, Not Prevent Competitors.

Levothyroxine for sale

This news concludes that chemical levothyroxine is still needed but needs more research to get the right treatment for patients with this disorder.  Levothyroxine news in the US is that the ingredient is still being studied and this will continue. This is not for human consumption. But, if you are in the research industry check out Peptides USA stock now and levothyroxine 100 mg buy online!


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How to Take Letrozole for Fertility

Letrozole for FertilityThe research chemical Letrozole has been around for a while and was first discovered to help treat women with breast cancer. More recently there has been encouraging news for women around the globe who struggle to get pregnant through the use of Letrozole for fertility treatment.

Research so far with Letrozole for infertility

A recent study showed a significant improvement in the pregnancy rate in IVF under the influence of the aromatase inhibitor letrozole. The scientists examined 126 women between the ages of 21-39 years with endometriosis cysts on the ovaries who had previously not had a successful IVF. In addition to the standard GnRH analogs Enatone (leuprorelin) for down-regulation, one group received the aromatase inhibitor letrozole dosage in tablet form (5 mg daily) for two months. Before the start:

  • the numbers of follicular cysts were counted
  • size of the endometriosis cysts checked
  • the level of the FSH value in the blood was determined
  • There were no differences between the groups here.

After treatment, the women with letrozole had a larger number of follicles and their endometriosis cysts had decreased. However, it became clearer that when fertilized:

  • The letrozole group had more mature eggs
  • More fertilized eggs and
  • Extra embryos

However, the effect of the drug is shown even longer. Because not only the fertilization was more promising, the pregnancy rates were also significantly higher! 50% of women using letrozole became pregnant. In contrast, only 20% of women without letrozole. And the differences weren’t over yet. Of the women in the aromatase inhibitor group, 40% gave birth to a baby, while only 17% of women without letrozole had a live birth.

There are rarely studies that show such significant differences. The hope remains that further studies can confirm this result and that as many women as possible can be spared the grief of a failed IVF or abortion.

Fertility Disorders – Letrozole for PCOS sufferers

Letrozole is an aromatase inhibitor and can help women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) meet their desire to have children. In a direct comparative study in the New England Journal of Medicine, the number of live births was even higher than under the current standard therapy with Clomiphene. Many experts are in favor of letrozole over Clomiphene, which was teratogenic in some animal experiments.

About 5 to 10 percent of all women of childbearing age have PCOS. This is characterized by the combination of oligo or anovulation, high androgen levels, and polycystic ovaries.   A common result is fertility disorders that have been treated with Clomiphene. Clomiphene blocks estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus and thus simulates an estrogen deficiency. This results in an increased release of gonadotropins and thus hyperovulation.

Letrozole vs. Clomiphene

The most common side effects of clomiphene include multiple pregnancies. In contrast to clomiphene, the aromatase inhibitor letrozole inhibits the synthesis of estrogens. This creates an estrogen deficiency, which also triggers counter-regulation in the pituitary gland. However, the number of mature eggs is lower than that of clomiphene, which could limit the number of multiple pregnancies.

Results from a Letrozole dosage

The results of the study from the US Reproductive Medicine Network were carried out at ten centers now conclude:

A total of 750 infertile women aged 18 to 40 years who had been diagnosed with PCOS and were treated with clomiphene or letrozole over a maximum of five cycles.

The goal of delivery from a healthy woman was achieved with letrozole in 103 out of 374 women (27.5 percent), while in the clomiphene it was only 72 out of 376 women (19.1 percent) who gave birth. Richard Legro of Penn State University in Hershey calculated a rate ratio of 1.44, which was statistically significant with a 95 percent confidence interval of 1.10 to 1.87.

Possible Letrozole Side Effects

The drug works by lowering estrogen levels to encourage ovulation. Due to this, it can cause women to suffer from some side effects such as Bloating, breast pain, blurred vision, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, hot flashes, trouble sleeping, upset stomach and unusual menstrual bleeding.

What is Letrozole?

The drug Letrozole is also known as Femara. It is an aromatase inhibitor and it was first used for medical purposes in 1996. It is used to treat hormone-responsive breast cancer following surgery. The drug has the ability to lower estrogen levels in postmenopausal women. It can help slow the growth of some forms of breast cancer which need estrogen to grow within the body. The FDA Food and Drug Administration in the US approved the drug for the treatment of local or metastatic breast cancer. The action of letrozole also has also shown positivity in pretreatment for pregnancy termination, gynecomastia, and endometriosis.

Letrozole For Sale

As mentioned earlier Letrozole for fertility is now big news and gives women the chance of having babies. This can be the first step before the trialing IVF treatment that can be expensive. Peptides USA supply this research chemical and more to help all of the above studies to go ahead.


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A Guide to Ketotifen Side Effects and Dosage

Ketotifen Side EffectsThe chemical Ketotifen side effects are minimal and we get to them later. First let’s look at what this research chemical is, how it works and what it treats.

Ketotifen’s brand name is Zaditor. But the active ingredient is ketotifen and is primarily used to prevent asthma attacks. It does not have a bronchodilator effect. So it can only be used for long-term treatment, and not for an acute asthma attack. Ketotifen is also used for allergic diseases such as allergic conjunctivitis (Zaditor eye drops) or allergic rhinitis.

How ketotifen works

The active ingredient in ketotifen is H1 antihistamine. This means that it has a blocking effect on the binding sites for histamine. Histamine, in turn, is responsible for typical allergic reactions such as difficulty breathing, a runny nose, and watery eyes. With the help of drugs with the active ingredient ketotifen, these symptoms can be prevented for eight to twelve hours.

The  chemical Ketotifen is used in two areas of application:

  1. Asthma

As a long-term active ingredient, ketotifen can be used in asthma patients. Asthma complaints can be inhibited or completely prevented by medication with this ingredient. However, ketotifen is not suitable in the case of an acute asthma attack because it does not dilate the bronchi.

  1. Allergies

Ketotifen can also be used for general allergic diseases, especially for:

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Runny nose
  • Allergic skin diseases

What should be considered before using a ketotifen Dosage?

Before use, it should be noted that ketotifen does not immediately develop its full effect, as this is a long-term medication. It can take eight to twelve weeks before the effects begin. Furthermore, ketotifen is not suitable for helping with an acute asthma attack; a beta-2 sympathomimetic should be used for this. Competitive athletes should also note that ketotifen is listed as a prohibited substance in the doping area with few restrictions. Ketotifen should not be taken with known hypersensitivity to ketotifen the case of epilepsy and the risk should be weighed against the benefits by a doctor

Warning: ketotifen contraindications

Before taking the following points should be considered or ketotifen side effects can occur!

  • The effect only work after several weeks, ketotifen is not suitable for acute allergic problems or asthma symptoms
  • Ketotifen can have a major impact on responsiveness, so driving/or machine operation can be extremely dangerous
  • The substance Ketotifen can be used in children, from the age of three.
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding, ketotifen should only be used when it really is necessary and only in consultation with the treating doctor. There is a lower risk of using eye drops, but the doctor should also be consulted in this case.

Application and Ketotifen Dosage

  • The use of ketotifen should only be used after a consultation with a doctor. Ketotifen is available both as eye drops and as capsules (prescription only).
  • Dosage of eye drops with ketotifen as instructed by a doctor.
  • Adults and children from three years of age: drop one drop in the sick eye (or eyes) twice a day (morning and evening).

In-Depth Ketotifen Fumarate Review

Ketotifen counteracts allergic conjunctivitis in two ways. It acts both as a mast cell stabilizer and as an antihistamine. Therefore, it can also be used acutely in the form of eye drops if there is already allergic conjunctivitis, although the effect on the mast cells only shows effects after some time.

The therapeutic efficiency of ketotifen has been proven. Through its effect on the mast cells in the tissue, ketotifen prevents the release of histamine and other inflammatory substances (prostaglandins, leukotrienes, cytokines), which play a major role in allergies.

If ketotifen is available in sufficient quantities in the cells after one to two weeks of consistent use, they hardly release any histamine and other messenger substances that stimulate inflammation. In this way the inflammatory reaction can be avoided – this also prevents further allergic reactions.

In addition, ketotifen acts as an antihistamine and occupies the binding sites (receptors) for the tissue hormone histamine. So the body’s histamine can longer dock there and the allergic reaction is blocked.

Watch out for Ketotifen side effects

This agent is suitable for the prevention of allergic conjunctivitis if it does not contain any preservatives. Preserved preparations are considered “also suitable”.

Application and Dosage

You can apply the product in the eye twice a day. If you are also treating the eye with other medicines, you should keep an interval of at least five minutes.

No action is required when you immediately use the drops, the eyes may feel a little pain, but this quickly disappears. 1 in 1,000 people may get drier eyes and mouth, but this does not require further treatment.

In around 1 in 1,000 people treated, the product can cause tiredness or make the eyes more sensitive to light, which can impair reaction and vision (e.g. driving).

Beware Ketotifen Fumarate Side Effects

If the eye remains red and itching and blisters develop on the surrounding skin or if a red rash appears on the body, you may be allergic to the product. With such skin symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

For children and teenagers under the age of 18

You can use the remedy in children from three years old. The same dose recommendations apply as for adults. The therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of ketotifen have not been fully established in younger children.

For pregnancy and lactation

As there is insufficient experience with use during pregnancy, you should carefully consider the benefits and risks of using it. However, it cannot be assumed that this external type of application affects the unborn child’s organism. You can use the product while breastfeeding.

When wearing contact lenses

As long as your eyes are inflamed, for your comfort, you should avoid wearing contact lenses. If you can not do without the lenses, you should remove stable lenses before applying the eye drops. Then put them back in after at least 15 minutes. You should not wear soft contact lenses. The drug can become lodged in the relatively large pores of these lenses and thus remain on the eye for considerably longer. This increases the risk of undesirable effects.


After using eye drops you may see poorly for five to ten minutes. During this time, you are not allowed to drive a vehicle or operate machinery. This also applies if the eye drops make you more sensitive to light.

Final word…

If you have enjoyed this informative Ketotifen side effects blog, check out the wide range of research chemicals available with Peptides USA now.



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A Guide to Finasteride Uses

Finasteride UsesIn this blog, we look at what are Finasteride uses are how it can help in male and female pattern baldness. The chemical Finasteride is commonly marketed under the brand names Popecia and Proscar. It is a medication that is used to treat the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in men.

The chemical Finasteride mechanism of action works as an inhibitor of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. It was created to prevent the change of testosterone to its more androgenic form of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). The results that have been found so far show they benefit in a number of men’s disorders such as baldness and benign enlargement of the prostate gland. However, it is not advised for use in women of childbearing age.

What is Finasteride 5mg used for?

Finasteride effectively reduces the serum concentration of DHT, thereby minimizing the side androgenic effects caused by the presence of dihydrotestosterone. The effect of this drug is very rapid.  The suppression of DHT concentrations is achieved within 24 hours after the administration of a single 1 mg tablet and is 65% effective. Users can experience a number of mild to severe side effects based on the individual, the size of the dose, and other factors.

What a Finasteride Dosage Can Cure

Proscar or Finasteride is used to treat symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate enlargement). It is also being studied as a potential cure for hirsutism, a condition that is defined as excessive or increased hair in some women’s parts of the body where the hair is generally lacking or thinning. Hirsutism is also called “male-type” hair because it affects parts of the body such as the beard, the area above the upper lip and under the ears, the areolas of the chest, abdomen, back, thighs and fingers. Usually, female athletes and bodybuilders are interested in Finasteride because of its ability to mitigate the androgenic side effects associated with the use of testosterone and some of its derivatives.

How Finasteride works

The drug Finasteride is a specific inhibitor of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase type-II. There are two isoenzymes of reductase in the human body, designated type-I and type-II. Type I 5-alpha reductase is mainly found in the liver and sebaceous glands of the skin. Type-II 5-alpha reductase is mainly found in the prostate and scalp. The type-II enzyme is responsible for about 2 / 3rds of circulating DHT, while the type-I enzyme makes up the remaining 1 / 3rd. As an inhibitor of type-II reductase alone, finasteride has a more pronounced effect in preventing hair loss but is less effective in reducing oily skin and acne. Since balding is a major concern among most men using anabolic steroids, finasteride remains a popular complementary drug, despite its inability to block the conversion of DHT to all tissues.

Finasteride Interactions

The chemical Finasteride is considered to be a highly specific drug because it has little effect on other hormones in the body. This has no affinity for the androgen or estrogen receptor and therefore does not exhibit any androgenic, anti-androgenic, estrogenic or anti-estrogenic properties. It does not affect the levels of cortisol, thyrotropin, thyroxine, luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone or HDL / LDL cholesterol. There is also no effect on the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis. However, the use of finasteride shows an increase in testosterone levels of approximately 15%, since a greater amount of androgenic hormone remains unaffected by the reductase enzyme.

History of Proscar Reviews (Finasteride)

The first version of finasteride in the United States was distributed under the name Proscar (by Merck) in 1992. It is approved for use in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate enlargement). In December 1997, the FDA approved the use of finasteride for another purpose – the treatment of baldness. Merk markets the drug under the different name Propecia containing 1/5 of the dose of Proscar. Today, the names Proscar and Propecia dominate the market for finasteride-containing medicines.

How Proscar (Finasteride) is prescribed

The dosage of Finasteride is most commonly distributed in 1 mg and 5 mg tablets. Warnings are given with this medication. This medicine should never be taken by women during pregnancy. Keep in mind that finasteride can be absorbed through the skin. Women who are or may become pregnant should never contact or break the finasteride tablets. The blocking DHT action of finasteride can cause severe fetal development problems, even in very small amounts. Unchanged finasteride can also be reproduced in semen. It is unknown whether the drug can be absorbed during intercourse. The use of condoms or abstinence is recommended during treatment.

Finasteride Side Effect

The most common side effects with finasteride uses are:

  • Impotence (8.1%)
  • Decreased libido (6.4%)
  • Decreased ejaculation volume (3.7%)
  • Gynecomastia (0.5%)
  • Breast sensitivity (0.4 %
  • Rashes (0.5%)

Application (Basic)

When used clinically to treat male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia), the recommended finasteride dosage for hair loss is 1 mg daily. When used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), the prescribed dose is 5 mg daily.

Finasteride side effects after stopping

From feedback, Finasteride users have not reported uncommon side effects as a result of treatment. Finasteride can cause the following minor side effects: slight swelling of the limbs, dizziness, fatigue, runny nose, mild skin irritation, headache, rash, testicular pain, swelling of the nipples, impotence and pathological ejaculation. Although more serious than any of the other side effects, the worsening or persistence of any of the above may be a signal for a serious condition. In this case, seek medical advice immediately.

According to, Finasteride can cause a number of serious side effects in rare cases, including lumps, pain, breast tenderness, severe testicular pain, and discharge of the nipple. Severe allergic reaction signals severe inflammation of the skin and swelling of the face can also result from use. Contact your doctor immediately if any of these serious side effects occur.

Using Finasteride in tablet form

Always take prescription medications exactly as your doctor prescribes, never changing the dose or duration of use. Finasteride can be taken with or without food but must be taken with a large glass (8 oz.) of water. Regular use of this product is essential for its effective operation. Be sure to store at room temperature, away from both heat and humidity.


It is important to know Finasteride should never be taken by a woman or a child. The drug should not be treated by women or children as it may penetrate the skin. Pregnant women who come in contact with this medicine may be at risk of harm to the fetus. Never take a double dose of the medicine to make up for a forgotten dose. recommends taking the medicine for up to 12 months before stopping use.

Buy Finasteride 5mg price for $42.00

The research chemical Finasteride 5mg per ml x 30ml is in its raw state and sold to professionals for further study. Peptides USA has a wide range of high-quality research chemicals for sale at affordable prices. This blog – Finasteride uses shows the benefits to what the actual ingredient can help treat, which is part of the content of a tablet for patients to us. This is prescribed by doctors to treat the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in men and male pattern baldness.

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Exemestane Side Effects

Exemestane Side Effects The active ingredient exemestane is a so-called aromatase inhibitor and prevents the body’s production of estrogens. The inhibition of hormone production is particularly indicated in women with advanced breast cancer when the growth of the tumor is hormonally influenced. Here you can read everything you need to know about the exemestane structure, usage, exemestane side effects, and interactions.

A Guide to How the Exemestane Structure Works

Estrogens (estrone, estradiol, and estriol) are female sex hormones. They are formed in the female body (in small quantities also in the male) from precursors, especially in the ovaries. Sex hormones are important for the development of sexual characteristics. Then afterward, together with other hormones (such as progesterone), keep the menstrual cycle going. During menopause, the ovaries gradually stop producing estrogen. After that, the hormone is only produced in small amounts in other tissues (muscles, fat tissue, and mammary gland tissue). So the estrogen level drops to very low levels.

Is Exemestane a Steroid?

The research chemical Exemestane is also known as the brand name Aromasin. The substance is used to treat breast cancer. Exemestane is classed as a steroid because it is structurally comparable to 4-androstenedione, a natural substance of Aromata.

In some cases of breast cancer, the tumor is hormone-sensitive, meaning that its growth depends on estrogen. The low estrogen level after menopause may be sufficient for this. To suppress this hormone-controlled tumor growth, aromatase inhibitors such as exemestane are used. They inhibit the enzyme aromatase in muscle and fat cells, which is involved in the conversion of estrogen precursors into active hormones. This drastically lowers the estrogen level, which can often prevent further tumor growth.

Absorption, Breakdown, and Excretion of Exemestane

After ingestion, the active ingredient is absorbed into the blood via the intestinal mucosa and first transported to the liver. Most of it is mined there. The rest (less than ten percent) goes into muscle and fat tissue, where it blocks aromatase. Exemestane is broken down in the liver and excreted in urine and stool.

When is Exemestane Used?

  • The aromatase inhibitor exemestane is approved for the supportive treatment of hormone-sensitive, early breast cancer after two to three years of treatment with the active ingredient tamoxifen.
  • The drug is also approved for the treatment of advanced breast cancer if the tumor growth could not be stopped with tamoxifen.
  • Only postmenopausal women may be treated with exemestane; however, this can also be brought about prematurely with the help of medication.
  • In order to prevent tumor growth in the long term, the active ingredient is usually taken over several years.

An Example of an Exemestane Dosage Used:

The active substance exemestane is taken as a tablet once a day, after a meal, as this improves absorption. The usual daily dose is 25 milligrams of exemestane. The duration of use in patients with early breast cancer is determined individually by the doctor, in advanced breast cancer, the therapy is usually permanent as long as the tumor does not continue to grow.

Exemestane Warnings

What are the side effects of exemestane? Since there is a sudden, sharp drop in estrogen levels with exemestane, severe post-menopausal symptoms can occur, especially at the start of therapy.

  • Exemestane side effects such as headache, drowsiness, depression, insomnia, decreased white blood cells, hot flashes, abdominal pain, nausea, increased blood and liver enzyme levels, sweating, exhaustion, and muscle and joint pain occur in more than one in ten treated women.
  • Other common side effects include loss of appetite, reduced platelet count, abnormal sensations, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, hair loss, rash, itching, broken bones, and decreasing bone density, as well as water retention and weakness.

The combination of Exemestane and alcohol in small amounts is not thought to affect the treatment or cause any harm.  It is also important to mention to any doctor or dentist if you are taking this medication.

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Dutasteride Results

Dutasteride ResultsSold as a research chemical the substance Dutasteride is not for human consumption. But from studies, Dutasteride results have been found to be effective as a treatment for prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia) in men. This is a common problem in men and caused by the production of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone. The main problem experienced by an enlarged prostate is the need to urinate more often, plus it can be difficult to urinate, with a slower and weaker flow. If left without treatment it can become completely blocked. This is then a medical emergency, where in some cases surgery is required to lower the volume and or remove the gland.

What is Dutasteride Dosage?

Dutasteride is sold under the brand name Avodart. The active substance that treats enlarged prostate is Dutasteride and belongs to a group of medicines called 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. The substance improves the flow of urine which can reduce the chance of surgery at a later date. It works by preventing the change of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) within the body. The treatment is sometimes prescribed with other drugs so you often see Dutasteride Tamsulosin (Flomax) together. But, both work to make urinating easier. An example of the recommended dose for enlarged prostate is 0.5 mg in capsule form once a day.

Are there any Dutasteride Interactions?

Research has found that Dutasteride has no interactions with other drugs. But as with all medication it is best to mention to your doctor any other drug you may be taking at the time. Every patient is different and it is good to be aware.

Are there any Dutasteride side effects?

This drug is only for men. It is advised that pregnant women should not handle capsules as it can absorb through the skin.  People should not give blood for 6 months after the last Dutasteride dosage. Other minor side effects include:

  • Breast problems including tenderness and swelling
  • Dizziness
  • Impotence

Major side effects include:

  • Liver Disease
  • Cardiac problems need to be monitored
  • Prostate cancer risks
  • Immune disorders
  • Depression

Can Dutasteride Dosage for Hair Loss Really Help?

There has also been another positive discovery from Dutasteride results and that is treating male baldness. This is not the only drug available to help treat hair loss it has a competitor. Dutasteride vs Finasteride is often mentioned regarding treating male baldness. They both work similar in slow down the transfer of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, of which androgen is the cause of male baldness. These two treatments are similar but were created for different purposes.

Here we compare Dutasteride vs Finasteride:

Finasteride was originally discovered in the 1970s as a treatment for prostate enlargement or BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). It was also approved as a treatment for male baldness in 1997 by the FDA.

Dutasteride was invented in 1996 but only got approved by the FDA in 2001 as a treatment for prostate enlargement. It hasn’t been permitted to be used for male baldness to date. However, a study has found that Dutasteride is effective and can prevent hair loss. This is due to the fact that this substance can block testosterone from changing into dihydrotestosterone or DHT, the hormone responsible for baldness in men.

For more about this chemical read this informative link:

Where to Buy Dutasteride Results

When it comes to these research chemicals you need to buy from a reputable source. These are for a specialized industry and should be purchased by experts in this field. Be warned there are good and bad companies out there. Ensure you check for credibility before placing an order, and that the company only supply fully tested chemicals.  Dutasteride cost is inexpensive and Peptides USA now has it available and on sale now!






















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Dapoxetine Review

Dapoxetine ReviewIn this Dapoxetine review, we look at what the latest findings in the research world. Firstly, what is Dapoxetine? This product Dapoxetine is a positive step forward in treating and preventing premature ejaculation so far. Dapoxetine hydrochloride is one of the latest developments in the pharmaceutical industry to deal with premature ejaculation.

This drug marketed as a tablet is one of the few approved for the treatment of premature ejaculation (PE) in some parts of the world. In 2008 Dapoxetine was first approved for use in the treatment of premature ejaculation when needed in seven European countries – Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, and Spain. The past few years have seen nearly 50 countries approve the use and permitted people to buy Dapoxetine. For more about this drug read this link:

Can you buy Dapoxetine over the Counter?

Dapoxetine hydrochloride is a preparation that belongs to SSRIs, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It has a fairly short half-life, meaning that plasma levels in patients receiving the drug are normal again after one or two hours. In the US premature ejaculation drugs such as SSRIs need a prescription; this includes Dapoxetine/ Priligy in tablet form. Therefore it isn’t legal to buy over the counter. In most cases, it is mainly sold as a research chemical and still being investigated by specialists in the research industry.

Priligy Side Effects

Dapoxetine is also advertised under the name Priligy and Westoxetine, a treatment for men of 18-64 to treat premature ejaculation. As with any medicine, the use of dapoxetine hydrochloride may cause side effects. Rare side effects of taking dapoxetine are:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Discomfort
  • Patients should avoid driving or operating dangerous machines after using dapoxetine.

In view of the side effects that can occur using this drug, in our Dapoxetine review, we discovered a lot of positive feedback.  Most men taking dapoxetine hydrochloride to solve their problem of premature ejaculation were extremely pleased and reported a huge improvement in sexual contact.

What to Expect – Dapoxetine Experience

Dapoxy DX or Dapoxetine acts by suppressing levels of serotonin transmitters in the brain, which prolongs the time to ejaculation. Patients are normally advised to take 1 tablet 30-60 minutes before intercourse. If more is taken then Dapoxetine side effects could be severe.

While dapoxetine 90 mg is now available, the average dosages range between 30 – 60mg. But, many doctors recommend taking no more than 60 mg, as it doesn’t increase efficiency. In fact, special warnings are in place for patients with kidney or liver problems. If you are suffering from kidney or liver problems, it is only your doctor who can decide whether to prescribe Dapoxytin / Dapoxy DX and the exact dosage of the medicine.

What should you do before you take Dapoxetine?

Before starting treatment with dapoxetine, you should tell your doctor about your medical history. It is important that you tell your doctor if you suffer any of the following:

  • Allergies
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Heart problems
  • Fatigue
  • Liver and Kidney problems
  • Also if you have any mental health issues such as mania, depression, bipolar disorder, or other conditions that cause low or high mood.

Ensure your doctor determines that it is safe to take dapoxetine, and you should follow all the recommendations given. Also, when prescribed it be sure to read the manufacturer’s printed information leaflet from the packaging. The leaflet contains important information on dapoxetine, including instructions for use, precautions to take, and possible side effects you may experience after taking the medicine.

Dapoxetine Price

From this Dapoxetine review, you can see this is a treatment that is helping millions internationally. If you are in the research industry and want to know the best place to buy Dapoxetine check out Peptides USA online store now. There is a huge selection of clinically tested peptides for sale at affordable prices.

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Clomiphene/Clomid Reviews Fertility Treatment

 Clomid ReviewsThis blog about Clomiphene or Clomid Reviews Ovulation drugs being tested to help treat the increasing and distressing problem of infertility. The fact is Ovulation inducing drugs have been used for more than 30 years. However, there are short and long-term complications still present and a problem in clinical practices. This is why research continues to try to treat the problem which affects so many people around the globe.

The most frequently described complications are hyperstimulation Syndrome, Ovarian (SHO), multiple gestations, the potential risk of ovarian cancer, and Thromboembolic disease.

What is Clomiphene used for?

Relative contraindication for ovulation induction is, among others, autoimmune systemic diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus, estrogen-dependent neoplasms such as breast cancer, and uterine tumors such as large submucosal or intramural myomas. These are situations that may be harmed due to the increase in circulating estrogens secondary to the treatment used to stimulate the ovaries. Each case, however, must be independently examined by a professional.

Clomiphene Citrate Mechanism of Action

The drug Clomiphene is the standard initial ovulation induction treatment in type II anovulation patients, restoring ovulation in up to 70% cases.

Patient Advantage of a Clomiphene Dosage Treatment

  • Compared to gonadotropins for ovulation induction, Clomiphene is low cost and profitable. Therefore it must be the first choice treatment in selected cases, especially in women with the sterility of unknown origin.
  • It is also easy to administer as it does not require parental route as other drugs intended for this purpose. Patients must start the 5th day of the cycle for 5 days by oral administration of tablets with a variable dose between 50-250 mg. Most start with 50 mg, and if there is no response, doses are increased in subsequent cycles. Sometimes up to 250 mg is required to achieve ovulation.
  • At the recommended doses (50-100 mg) there is a low rate of side effects of being these, of course, dose-dependent.

 How to Use Clomid/ Clomiphene for Sterility

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the medications that induce ovulation are not associated with an increased risk of defects and congenital problems. Here are some of the positive Clomiphene /Clomid Reviews:


  • Clomiphene achieves a lower gestation rate than gonadotropins due to antiestrogenic effects on cervical mucus and endometrium.
  • High serum concentrations of LH play a role in persistent infertility
  • Produces a deficit of the luteal phase (therefore support with progesterone is advised in said phase)
  • A maximum of 6 treatment cycles is advised.
  • The multiple birth rates with Clomiphene are estimated between 7 to 10%. Most of multiple pregnancies are twins.
  • Pregnancy complications have been described in 21.4% of treated patients with Clomiphene citrate (abortion 19%, ectopic pregnancy 1.18%, premature delivery 1.0%, hydatidiform mole 0.17% and papyraceous fetus 0.04%).

What is not entirely clear is if this is due to the drug itself, or rather to the older age in which women become pregnant or even to infertility itself.

Possible Clomiphene Side Effects

Short term side effects include:

  • Ovarian hyperstimulation – is a rare complication, observed in most cases mild ovarian growth and formation of ovarian cysts that are resolved after treatment. In 5% of patients, there will be abdominal-pelvic discomfort accompanied by abdominal distension and feeling of fullness
  • Multiple pregnancies (10%) – due to multiple follicular developments secondary to levels elevated gonadotropins in the early follicular phase
  • Hot flashes usually appear in 10.4% of cases and are minor react with local anti-estrogenic, these are usually not intense and disappear quickly when the treatment finishes

 Other side effects also described are:

  • Adverse visual effects
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • More rarely, skin disorders such as dermatitis and rash associated with an allergic reaction, erythema multiform, ecchymosis, and angioneurotic edema have been seen
  • Alopecia has been rarely reported
  • Occasionally neurological symptoms have appeared
  • Some studies have described mild liver dysfunction
  • In cases of overdose, the symptoms mentioned above are exacerbated due to monitor the patient closely for two or three weeks for the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Clomiphene interactions can include; abnormal uterine bleeding, hepatic dysfunction, pituitary activity, and uncontrolled adrenal dysfunction. These problems can be caused when Clomiphene is combined with other drugs. It is important to discuss what other medicine you are already taking with a doctor before any fertility treatment.

Buy Peptides US Quality

Chemicals like Clomiphene are still being studied by experts, but are showing great results and positivity in treating fertility problems. Our blog about Clomid reviews just how this treatment will help so many people out there struggling to get pregnant.  If you are in the research chemical industry and searching for the best place to buy Peptides US quality check out our store now. There is a wide range of high-quality peptides available and at affordable prices. The Clomiphene price online with Peptides USA is a bargain!


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Clenbuterol Results

Clenbuterol ResultsClenbuterol is a beta-agonist that was originally developed for veterinary use. However, its anabolic power quickly made it a very popular steroid among athletes, especially those wishing to burn their fat during rest periods. In this blog, Clenbuterol results we present the main reason for the use and effects of Clenbuterol. Plus, the risks it poses for your health.

Clenbuterol Cycle – What is it Used For?

Clenbuterol was originally a treatment intended to treat horses, suffering from lung diseases. It is still used in the veterinary industry today. In some countries where it is legal, it is used as a treatment for asthma and breathing difficulties.

Clenbuterol was also developed to treat cardiovascular disease in animals. This means that it will dilate blood vessels and consequently support the flow of blood throughout the body. A factor needed to increase muscle congestion. Studies suggest, however, that this effect may subside over time. To avoid this, athletes stack clenbuterol with antihistamines which will avoid saturating the receptors.

Clenbuterol Bodybuilding Usage

It is however mainly used by athletes wishing to boost their physical performance. Indeed, Clenbuterol bodybuilding practices are popular in the sporting environment but nevertheless are illegal. The fact it increases muscle and strength makes it extremely popular in this field. It has also gained popularity among professional athletes seeking an alternative to steroids that are too easily detectable during doping tests. Since then tests carried out before the sports competitions have been adapted. Especially since many famous sportspeople have been tested positive.

Weight loss with Clenbuterol cycle dosage

In addition to building muscle-mass Clenbuterol has fat-burning properties. There are cases among Hollywood stars, who have discovered Clenbuterol as a very effective way to shed excess pounds, without making too much effort.

What are the effects of Clenbuterol?

As it is now used as a fat burner particularly by athletes the job is relatively simple. Clen will stimulate the beta-2 receptors, and therefore speed up the metabolism. As a result, when taken Clenbuterol, it raises the body temperature (due to the stimulation of beta cells). These produce more heat, which will encourage the body to draw on fat reserves to produce energy. In some people, it will have an appetite suppressant effect. Which means it can artificially increase your feeling of fullness. And force a person to reduce food portions. But it depends on the individual as for others the appetite suppressant effect will be completely nonexistent!

How to take Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is largely (and illegally) used by bodybuilders during the rest phase looking to lose fat, as it can lead to muscle wasting. The drug Clenbuterol avoids this thanks to its anabolic effects, coupled with a fat-burning action. Clenbuterol is liked by athletes for its anabolic effect. It will help counter the risks of muscle catabolism (or the destruction of the cells of your muscle tissue) which are stronger during dry periods.

Even though it cannot be considered a steroid, clenbuterol provides an increase in muscle mass, in a similar way. However, this will require a substantial calorific intake, and in particular one rich in protein to benefit from the effects of protein synthesis.

What are the risks of taking Clen?

Keep in mind that this is a veterinary treatment, not intended for humans. It will, therefore, cause very unpleasant side effects in people who take it, especially over a long period. Side Effects with Clenbuterol Results include:

  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Behavior problems
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Sweating
  • Tremors

Generally speaking, Clenbuterol is a stimulant (just like coffee). By speeding up the body’s metabolism, it may, therefore, disturb the sleep patterns. Especially since it stays in the blood between 24 and 26 hours and is particularly slow to get rid of. While some athletes will have better abilities to eliminate it and can take Clen in the morning without feeling a negative impact on sleep, it is a dangerous product for people prone to insomnia. Also, it is not advisable to combine it with the consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

However, the laboratories have succeeded in manufacturing legal substitutes, reproducing the positive effects of Clenbuterol while avoiding the risks.

Review of Clenbuterol Cycle for Beginners

Many studies have also highlighted the impact of this drug on the destruction of the heart cells. Logically, it increases the risk of stroke and heart problems. However, this research was carried out on subjects taking a high Clenbuterol cycle dosage (often 2 to 3 times more than the dosages recommended by specialists). But a lower dosage can also be harmful to your heart. It is therefore strongly discouraged taking Clenbuterol. If used long-term it will put you at risk with your heart health. And many athletes taking clenbuterol were eventually hospitalized.

The impact of Clenbuterol on potassium levels

Clenbuterol can also deprive the body of potassium. In fact, taking large quantities of this anabolic can cause significant loss of potassium and taurine. However, potassium is crucial to promote muscle contraction (which will allow an increase in muscle mass) and a properly functioning heart. This points to why it is extremely harmful to take.

Effects on the heart and blood pressure

The other risk that Clenbuterol results in is to increase in blood pressure over a long period. Other dangers of this anabolic include the prevalence of tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmia, enlarged left ventricle (LVH) and muscle cramps. Suffice to say that athletes with a history of heart or brain problems should not take clenbuterol. A cycle too long of this product can go so far as to harden the walls of the muscles and have a harmful impact on the heart, in an irreversible way.

Clenbutrol mimics the thermogenic properties of Clenbuterol. So it helps burn fat and better transport oxygen to the muscles. Results will control and sculpt muscle mass, without taking any risk on the cardiovascular level (the main drawback). By increasing body temperature, Clenbutrol also boosts the metabolism and uses fat reserves to boost energy levels. This, therefore, increases the amplitude and intensity of your training without any problem.

The benefits of Clenbutrol

Clenbuterol will allow an increase in muscle and fat ratio and preserve lean muscle mass (with visible results after 30 days). But it will not be a health risk and in particular for the heart liver and kidneys compared with conventional steroids.

Clenbutrol Legit for Research Purposes

The chemical Clenbutrol is indeed the legal substitute for research centers and laboratories. Marketed by the online shop Peptides USA Clenbuterol for sale is for professionals!